July 16, 2019

Moving Day Blues: Tips for Helping Your Teen Adjust to a New Home

The average American moves approximately 11.7 times in their lifetimes. However, moves can still be stressful and emotional times for your loved ones, no matter how many times they’ve already relocated. This can be especially true for teenagers who are already trying to navigate the challenges of adolescence.

If you’re moving to a new home with a teenager, here are some tips to help get them to adjust to this significant life change.

Keep Communication Open

Always be upfront and honest about the move with your teenager. They may already be sad about the move, but if they find out you’re misleading them about any aspect of the relocation, they may also feel hurt and betrayed.

Communicate with them openly. Let them know precisely when you’re moving, and where. Answer any questions they may have and let them be involved in the process as much as possible.

Research the New City with Your Teen

It’s easy to get caught up in the negatives of the move, so help your teen stay positive by researching your new city together. Find out about the clubs, programs, and teams available at the school they’re attending.

By finding points of interest and activities they’re interested in, you can give your teenager things to look forward to in the move.

Give them a Moving Journal

The mixed emotions that come with moving can be hard to manage. It’s even more difficult to communicate these feelings to you.

A great way to help them manage all the complicated feelings associated with moving is to give them a moving journal. That way, they can put all their thoughts down.

Consider having them create a mini scrapbook of things they’ll miss as a way to work through their emotions.

Involve Your Teen in the Packing

Packing together can be a fun, bonding experience. You may come across old belongings that were long forgotten.

These items can be a good conversation point to reminisce about the good times in this house and help everyone look forward to future fun memories in the new house.

Throw a Going Away Party

This might be something bittersweet, but it can give your teenager some closure as well as fond memories to look back on. Make sure all of their closest friends can attend for the most significant impact.

You can even make a weekend of it by spending all your time with your child and driving them around to all your favorite spots in the city for some final memories.

Help Your Teen Adjust to Moving to a New Home

Moving to a new home can be a big ordeal, but with some love and support, your teen won’t take long to acclimate to their new surroundings. By using our tips, your teenager will be perked up and well-adjusted in no time.

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