March 4, 2016

Moving to California? Something You Need to Know

Our company is based in Minnesota, so we are usually envious of people moving to the fun and sun of the southwestern United States (not that there isn’t fun and sun here, sometimes).  But if California is your destination, there is one extra regulation that applies to your move that you should be aware of, to avoid any unexpected delays.

Some parts of Minnesota (among other states) are considered by the State of California to be infested by gypsy moth.  What this means is, before your move, you must check your outdoor items to be sure there are no gypsy moth eggs, caterpillars, cocoons, or moths.  Most people perform a self-inspection, but you can also hire a licensed exterminator to do this.  If you find any signs of gypsy moth, you must remove them from the items you wish to move.

You will then need to complete and sign the self-inspection form and the ““Gypsy Moth Certificate of Inspection” and give it to your mover.  If these forms are not with the truck when it crosses the border into California, it could cause delays in your shipment.

By clicking here this website gives additional details on gypsy moth and allows you to download the inspection form.

At the time of your estimate, your relocation consultant from Metcalf Moving & Storage will discuss gypsy moth and give you all the appropriate forms.  Our objective is to make your move as smooth as possible and having the right paperwork in order will help ensure that.


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