September 14, 2023

Moving? Be Prepared with the Right Moving Supplies

Having the right supplies ready before tackling a big project can make a huge impact. Moving is no different, so gathering your moving supplies before packing is vital. Gathering your moving supplies will make quick work of packing and help you stay better organized throughout the move.

We will review some of the essentials you need to pick up and have ready for your residential move.


While it may seem common sense to have boxes ready for your move, understanding the type of boxes needed can help. You’ll want a range of box sizes, from small boxes that protect delicate belongings to large cartons that can fit lightweight bedding. Plastic bins and totes can help organize books, clothing, or toys. Consider using specialized boxes like a wardrobe box to help transport your clothing or dish pack boxes to move dishware and glasses to your new house.


Before moving, invest in some high-quality packing tape for your move. Good quality packing tape ensures your boxes remain closed, even with shuffles through the relocation. Invest in a packing tape gun with a serrated edge blade on the tape roll to help you speed through packing even faster. Ensure you have multiple rolls of tape to avoid running out partway through packing.

Labels and Markers

Organize your boxes with clearly marked labels. Some people color-code their labels to designate the boxes by the room they go to. Clearly label the boxes on the top and the sides so you’ll still be able to read labels with the boxes stacked on top of one another. Write large and legibly so you and your movers can quickly identify the boxes.

Bubble Wrap

Using bubble wrap can help protect your glasses, plates, and decorations during a move. Bubble wrap is easily purchased from most home improvement stores and is available in large rolls. Of course, homeowners should always move their most fragile and delicate items themselves.

Furniture Pads and Blankets

Have plenty of furniture pads and blankets on hand to help protect your furniture (and walls) while moving. Furniture pads can protect furniture from scratches and cushion sharp corners preventing dings in the walls. Putting blankets under heavy furniture can help slide large dressers or tables over hard floors.

Plastic Bags

Unfortunately, not every belonging will fit into a box. Sometimes large plastic bags are perfect for packing and moving items. Bedding, towels, blankets, and pillows are ideal for large plastic bags. Or you can also use plastic bags to cover and protect awkwardly sized items like lamps.

Bungee Cords and Straps

If you are moving certain items or boxes independently, consider using bungee cords and straps. Driving with boxes in the bed of a truck or the back of a car can quickly shift as you drive. Securing containers in place with straps can help protect your belongings and prevent damage.


Moving boxes and heavy furniture out of a home is back-breaking work. If you’re not using a professional moving company, consider investing in a dolly or hand truck. The dolly will allow you to stack heavy boxes and wheel them into your home. You’ll be able to save your back and move faster by loading three or four boxes into your home on each trip.

Hire Professional Movers

You don’t have to devise your relocation strategy and do all the work yourself. Reach out to a professional mover for a quote. It’s worth having them handle as much of the move as possible — then, you won’t have to worry about dollies, moving blankets, etc. Contact us so we can help get you settled in quickly.


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