December 13, 2017

Your Minneapolis Winter Survival Guide

“Welcome to Minnesota. You have no idea what you’ve gotten yourself into.”

This is what transplants think the state motto should be. With Minneapolis winter temperatures being notoriously cold, you need to prepare. In fact, the record low for the city is negative forty degrees.

Here are our tips for surviving your first winter in the twin cities.

Protect Your Toes

We all know that frostbite is a concern. But a lot of people forget the most important areas of their body.

Your toes face an incredibly high risk during a Minneapolis winter. Luckily, there are easy ways to keep them protected.

There are two sock-related tips you can use to improve your foot health. The first is wearing a heavy pair of socks. Your ordinary gym socks simply won’t cut it in a region which hits incredible temperature lows.

The second is wearing sock liners. These are basically thinner socks to put under the heavy pair of socks you get.

This will protect your feet from the possibility of snow getting within the sock, and provide an extra layer of insulation — both essential for the winter.

Snow-Time Parking

After you move your furniture, you need to adjust to local traffic laws. In Minneapolis winter, these laws include tight restrictions on where you can park.

For most of the winter, parking is normal. Street-parking is permitted and you can go where you want.

However, if there is a snow emergency, restrictions are placed. This is to allow emergency vehicles and plows to pass. These restrictions will vary and can be accessed online.

It’s important to know that violators will be towed and fined, so it’s best to become familiar with the restrictions.

Thermal Clothes Will Get You Through Minneapolis Winter

Thermal clothes will be incredibly helpful during the winter. This is particularly true during the colder days.

You should dress like you’re going on a ski trip. That means heavy jackets and thermal underwear. And while locals may be able to dress a bit more casually, remember that your body is not accustomed to the local temperatures.

Avoiding access to the cold air should be your top priority. But beneath that, you should want to avoid the harsh chill beneath your clothing. Dressing thermally is an important way for you to make that happen.

Watch Your Dog

Finally, some dogs do better than people in the winter time. If you have a large and furry dog, they’ll probably be fine. But if your furry friend is a chihuahua or a dachshund, you’ll want to limit outdoor time.

These dog breeds have a lot more trouble in cold temperatures. While all dogs need to go outdoors, you should make sure they don’t end up spending too much time in the snow.

You can also find sweaters for your dogs to help them manage the cold.

Get Help Moving

You can survive the Minneapolis winter.

But first, you need to move here.

And we can help.

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