July 23, 2019

Making it All Fit: How to Pack a Car on Moving Day

Are you moving soon? The preparation involved in a move, whether it’s to the next town or across the country, can be overwhelming. Make sure your plans include making the best use of the limited space inside your own car when moving.

Proper car packing is not just about maximizing the space in your vehicle. It’s about making the right decision about which items to go into the car versus into the moving truck. 

Below are the five best ways to pack more items in your car when moving.

1. Organize and Prioritize Your Belongings

Inventory your belongings early in the moving process – before packing begins.

Set aside all the items you intend to transport in your car. If moving a short distance, you may plan to make multiple car trips and therefore be able to transport more stuff in your vehicle. If your move is a long distance, you will only be able to make one trip with your car.

Items you should bring with you in your own vehicle include valuables like jewelry and special mementos, important documents, essentials boxes, and small electronics. Make sure you save enough space for your pets and their carrying cases.

2. Avoid Using Large Boxes

Cardboard boxes are useful for arranging items and stacking up in the moving trucks, but they take up a lot of space in a car.  

If you have to use a box to carry any items, use small manageable boxes.

3. Use Bags for Packing

Use duffle bags or plastic bags for packing things in your car. Bags are flexible and don’t take a lot of space. Bags are ideal for packing bedding and clothes. 

Consider using vacuum bags to pack clothes and bedding in your vehicle. Vacuum bags shrink based on the volume of items saving more space for additional items.

4. Make Good Use of Every Space

A personal car has lots of hidden areas under the front seats. Use these spaces to pack your shoes, books, water bottles, and snacks. Lower the back seats properly to create more storage space in the trunk. Use the trunk for bulkier items and fill in space with bedding and clothing stored in bags. In some cars, there is also a hidden space in the area around the spare tire.

5. Be Safe

It is always essential that you have a clear, unobstructed view out of all of your car windows and that you can safely operate your vehicle without items shifting or sliding.

Bonus Tips for Packing Your Car

In addition to the tips above, here are some suggestions when packing your car for a move:

  • Clean your vehicle before the trip
  • Consider an overhead carrier to create more space
  • Avoid packing dangerous items in the car
  • Label everything clearly

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