September 14, 2016

Loading A Container


Loading A Container:

Loading A Container:

Once you have finally finished packing all of your boxes, it is time to load the moving container. There are some special loading techniques you should use to ensure you can fit as many of your items into the container at one time while maintaining safe weight distribution.

Our expert moving tips can help you to quickly and efficiently pack your moving container. First gather all the supplies you will need:

  • Loading straps to secure items insire the container
  • Paper pads
  • Furniture pads
  • Stretch wrap to protect your belongings
  • Dollies to move heavy items and appliance

When loading a moving container, start with heavy items like large appliances and furniture. Those items should always sit directly on the floor.

Protect your items with paper pads or furniture pads. Wrapping them up can reduce the chance of scratches or other forms of damage.

Wrap your upholstered furniture with plastic wrap to protect from dirt and damage.

Place wrapped furniture on top of a paper pad.

Fill open spaces in the container with boxes or other small items to provide stability.

Always pack items from floor to ceiling with the lightest items on top and pack everything tightly to avoid shifting during transit.

If you are storing the moving container for an extended period, use a large cardboard sheet or a blanket to cover boxes at the top. This will reduce exposure to light, which may damage some items over time.

Use loading straps to secure all of your items in the container. Remember, don’t apply excess force when you are securing the loading straps as that might cause damage to your items.

Make sure to distribute weight evenly from end to end and side to side.




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