March 15, 2019

It’s Moving Time: 5 Actionable Business Relocation Tips for Employees

Relocating a business can be tricky and stressful. All moves cause disruption and involve costs to a company.

You can help with your company’s move by following our actionable tips on company relocation. They will also help you make sure that everything you need for your job makes it to the other side.

5 Tips for Business Relocation

Moving a business to another state, or even just another address in the same city is a costly and stressful experience. Here’s how to make it as easy as possible on you and your boss.

Know the Relocation Strategy

Communication is essential in an office move, and it helps to know the relocation strategy. Make sure that your manager has given you enough information to make the move go smoothly. For example, are you taking your existing furniture with you, or getting something new at the other end?

Make sure you know the plan. Know what you are responsible for packing; understand what should be discarded vs. what should be brought to the new office; make sure you are aware of all the critical deadlines.

File Cabinets

If you are responsible for packing up file cabinets, make sure you know your company’s file retention policy. You want to make sure all of the appropriate files are retained.

When going through the filing cabinets to pack up, sort everything into three piles: take to your new office, shred, and recycle. Culling through the file cabinets will make it easier to organize and pack your essential files while also discarding any unneeded documents and files much more efficiently.

Packing Your Desk

When packing up your desk, double check the drawers and wrap any sensitive or fragile items in bubble wrap or protective layering. Note all moving deadlines. You don’t want to wait until the last second to pack your workstation.

Label your boxes clearly with your name and the contents to help you prioritize unpacking at the other end of the move.


Your professional office movers will generally provide instructions on how to prepare and pack your workstation computer. Follow proper procedures when packing your computers and IT equipment.

Generally, it’s a smart idea to back up your critical data before moving. Remove all disks and turn off and disconnect the computer before the office movers arrive.

Follow Instructions

Follow the packing and moving instructions your employer and professional moving company have set out for you.

Note all moving instructions carefully in your calendar and contact a supervisor or moving coordinator right away if there are any questions or concerns.

Working with your fellow employees will help make the process go smoothly as well.

Make Yourself an Asset

Now you’ve read these tips, why not show your leadership potential by offering to help others with how to relocate. Your managers will thank you if they can get the team up and running sooner rather than later.

At Metcalf Moving & Storage we want to help make your office move as quick and easy as possible. Give us a call today for a quote.



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