January 5, 2023

How to Turn a Cross-Country Move Into a Family Vacation

Typically, moving your kids across the country is both stressful and challenging. No matter the ages of your children, they’ll likely be upset at having to leave their old life behind, including friends, school, and memories.

One way to make the transition smoother and more enjoyable is to turn the move into a cross-country road trip. After all, if you’re going to travel already, you might as well make the most of it.

Here are some tips on how to turn a long-distance move into a vacation:

Step One: Figure Out How Long You Have

Sometimes, you can set a date for your move, giving you a lot of flexibility. For example, you can wait until the kids are out of school for summer or winter vacation. Or, you can request time off of work with plenty of advance notice.

In other cases, you might only have a few days to transition, meaning your vacation will have to be relatively brisk. However, knowing how long you have enables you to plan accordingly. For example, you and your spouse can take turns and drive at night, so you have more time during the day with the children.

Step Two: Plan Your Route

Ideally, you can spend at least a few days and nights doing fun vacation things. So, your route should include family-friendly points of interest. When researching these spots, pay attention to the hours of operation and how long you’ll need for each activity. When time is limited, you want to squeeze in as much as possible with each stop.

Step Three: Make a Scrapbook or Photo Album With the Kids

One of the best ways to make this move more enjoyable is to turn it into a memorable experience. So, break out the camera and take lots of pictures.

While digital photos can work, it’s often better to have physical prints that you can put into a photo album or scrapbook. There are kid’s cameras that print film, or you can plan to print some of your digital images instead. Plus, you can keep various items from the trip, including ticket stubs, map sections, and remarkable things your children find along the way.

Step Four: Focus on Fun, Not Speed

You can make the drive more fun even if you have to travel as quickly as possible. You can play car games like “I Spy” or “Travel Bingo.” Or share memories of your favorite memories. If all else fails, you can play film music and have everyone in the car sing along.

Overall, by putting fun activities front and center, the transition will feel less like you’re closing a chapter and more like you’re starting a new one. This mentality makes it easier for children to accept the reality of the situation, also making it easier for them to adjust to their new surroundings.

Bonus Step: Get Moving Help!

Since your move is about fun, why not let a moving company take care of your belongings? You can avoid hauling a trailer or driving multiple vehicles to each stop. Plus, if you time it correctly, your stuff can arrive when you do, so you can start unpacking immediately. Contact us to find out how we can help!


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