August 7, 2023

How to Take Real Estate Pictures When Selling Your Home

Good real estate pictures can draw people to your home’s listing, which can help you sell your home when the time comes. Having high-quality photographs taken can make or break an open house. While some people hire a professional to handle real estate pictures, you can save money by taking your own.

If you’re going to take your pictures, it’s essential to take the time to get quality photos that show your home’s character in the best light possible. Below are some suggestions that can help with this.

Let In the Light

Light-filled homes bring buyers calling. Good lighting also makes rooms look larger and more cheerful. There are many ways that you can get light into each room.

  • Open drapes and sheers at each window
  • Replace lightbulbs with higher wattage, turn on every light in the room
  • Take pictures at a time of day when the lighting in the space is optimal
  • Capture the photos on a sunny day

Clear the Clutter

Clutter makes a room look smaller than it is and can distract from attractive qualities like a beautiful view or soaring ceilings. Clear the space of any clutter before taking pictures.

Remove clutter from surfaces like countertops and coffee tables. Clean up the floor. Put away any toys, paperwork, and magazines. Put away countertop appliances like the toaster and mixer.

Use a Good Camera

If you need a good camera, consider borrowing one from someone you know. A good camera will capture more details and a sharper image, which can help buyers feel secure that they’re seeing a complete picture of the property. If you have a tripod, consider using it to avoid blurring the image.

Choose a Good Composition

It takes a lot of work to capture good home interior pictures. Take several photos of each room, capturing different points of view with each image. This will give you a selection of images to choose from and allow you to select a composition that works for each room.

Notice the vertical and horizontal lines in each room. If the shot captures horizontal surfaces, align the surfaces to be perfectly level. The same goes for vertical lines: ensure vertical lines appear perfectly vertical. Cock-eyed pictures can appear sloppy.

Pay Attention to the Details

Before submitting a picture to your real estate agent, look critically at each image. Is there a mess on the floor? Can you see a reflection of yourself in a mirror? Eliminate any images that include awkward details you’d instead not show in your photos.

Discuss Your Options With Your Realtor

Consult with your realtor about using a professional photographer to capture the ideal images of your home. 

Listings with higher-quality photos typically sell faster and for a higher price. Talk to your realtor for recommendations if you need help finding a professional photographer. The listing agent may have already scheduled professional photography of the property.

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