October 29, 2021

How to Make a Moving Inventory

Before moving day, you may want to make an inventory of what you bring. That way, you know what goes to the truck.

Making a moving inventory helps you track your progress, and you can do it as you pack. But without the right approach, you may not give yourself enough information. Use these tips to make it easier.

Divide Into Categories

No one wants to look at an inventory that has no organization. You’d never find what you needed. That’s why you want to divide it up into categories.

Most people organize the inventory by room. If that works for you, you can add to it as you pack.

If you’d rather use another system, you may need to add a space for location. That way, you’ll know where it is and where it will go.

Make a Master List

Ultimately, your goal is to have a master inventory that you can refer to. But, first, you’ll need to make a system that works for you. If you want, various apps allow you to make a list on your smartphone.

Your moving company may also create an inventory. You don’t have to rely on it, though. That inventory may not include what is inside. Having your own detailed list makes it easier to look for missing boxes.

Take Pictures

For any item that is hard to pack, delicate or valuable, you may want to take pictures. Photographs can be an excellent way to establish ownership and condition.

Put the items in good lighting and take pictures from multiple angles. Then, you can edit them briefly so that they aren’t too dark or the wrong size.

Include the best ones in your inventory. Then, add a few notes about them, and you can move on.

Use Labels

A detailed inventory is nothing if you can’t use it to find what you need. To do that, you’ll need a good labeling strategy.

Label the boxes with different colors for each room. Then, number all the boxes as well. If you’re not sure where to start, number the most important ones first.

Make sure that the numbers correspond to items on the inventory. And just in case, indicate the contents of each box on the outside.

Keep Records

If you put in the work to make an inventory, you can use it for other things. For example, you can give the list to your insurance agent. If you have the inventory list ready to go, you may be able to use it to determine how much insurance you need.

Inventory lists for insurance aren’t the same as a moving inventory, but they come close. For future use, add a few notes to the inventory about each item’s current condition. If anything changes during the move, you’ll have evidence of before and after.

Making the Right Move

Making an inventory list helps to assure that you don’t miss anything during the move. If you can figure out the best way to make one, you’ll be able to refer to it again and again. Learn about our moving services; contact us today.



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