November 23, 2023

How to Find the Best New School When Moving to a New State

Are you relocating to another state? There can be so many decisions to make during the process, including which city you will eventually call home. However, if you have children, one of the most significant determinants about which city you settle in will be the quality of the schools in the area. As you work to find your next community to call home, look at a few key tips to check out the school districts and what they offer.

How do the school’s rankings compare to others in the area?

Research school rankings to gauge the educational quality of different districts in the state where you intend to move. School rankings vary drastically from city to city, and many factors can influence those numbers.

The Great Schools website is an excellent resource to see the rankings of different schools. You can explore information about test scores, academic progress, and equity. A higher ranking may indicate a more robust educational environment.

How big is the student body of the prospective school?

Consider the size of the student body to your child’s preferences and needs. Larger schools may offer a broader range of extracurricular activities and course options, while smaller schools often provide a more personalized learning experience.

Both school sizes can have their advantages and disadvantages. Additionally, your child may feel more comfortable with a particular school size. Before picking a specific district, consider if a school’s overall size aligns with your child’s learning style and ability to make friends.

What is the student-to-teacher ratio of different schools?

A lower student-to-teacher ratio often translates to more individualized attention and a better learning environment. Schools with smaller classes may allow teachers to focus on each student’s needs and provide tailored support.

Several experts have recommended that the best student-to-teacher ratio is roughly 18 students to one teacher. Inquire about the student-to-teacher balance at various schools to ensure your child receives the attention necessary for academic success.

Which schools offer activities that will interest your child?

Extracurricular activities significantly affect a child’s development and social engagement at school. Investigate the range of clubs, sports teams, arts programs, and other activities different schools offer. A school that provides options aligned with your child’s interests can contribute to their educational experience.

For example, if your child is on the track team, they will likely be happier at a school with a track team in the new state. Therefore, it can be well worth considering moving into a particular school district if the area school has activities that interest your child.

What do other parents and students have to say about various schools?

Seek insights from parents and students already in the school community. Online forums and school social media groups can be valuable sources of information. Learning from those who have firsthand experience with the school can provide valuable insights into the overall atmosphere, teaching quality, and student experiences.

Ready to Plan Your Out-of-State Move?

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