April 16, 2016

How NOT to Choose a Moving Company

We’ve posted our tips on finding a reputable mover, but now we’re offering you tips on how NOT to choose a moving company.

1. Get a price over the phone.  A ballpark price over the phone is one thing, but to set up your move without ever getting an in-home estimate is flat-out dangerous.  You wouldn’t want a contractor to start remodeling you home without ever seeing it, because there will undoubtedly be surprise costs.  A move should be treated the same way.  Make sure your mover gives you an in-home estimate, to avoid surprises.

2. Don’t worry that they don’t actually have a street address.  Does the website for a mover list their street address?  If not, that indicates that they may not actually have a building, and may be a broker.  A broker does not own any trucks or equipment and therefore has less control over your move.

3. Pay a deposit.  A reputable mover will not require a deposit to reserve a truck.  Think about it…they will have all your worldly possessions on their truck…why do they need an additional deposit?

4. Don’t buy additional insurance.  Be careful on this one.  In the moving industry as an average, there is a damage claim on about 1 in 5 moves (from the American Moving & Storage Association).  For Mayflower, it is about 1 in 13.  It is perfectly acceptable to not purchase full coverage, but you need to be absolutely sure that you know what you are getting, because it is risky.  It is the job of your mover to educate you about this, but it is your responsibility to make the final decision.

5. Use the cheapest mover you can find.  All movers are not created equal.  One basic truth in life is…you get what you pay for.  You’re paying for a service, not a product, so get to know a little about who is providing that service to you so you can see what you are getting for your money.


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