February 7, 2017

Home Security Trends

Newest Generation of Devices Meet the Demands of the Mobile Lifestyle

An investment in home security deserves your time and careful attention. Not only is your family’s security at stake, but your wallet may need some protection as well. Unfortunately for the time-strapped mover, the research process has been complicated by all of the newest options in home security technology.

As more and more of us adopt mobile lifestyles, ‘smart’ security products emerge to meet consumers’ demands for convenience, simplicity and control.

In 2016 we will see security companies offer up a whole host of new, connected devices and app-driven monitoring solutions, providing homeowners with unprecedented levels of home control. Here is a look at what we can expect from the next generation of home security systems:

Web-Based and App-Driven Technology
The newest web-based home security platforms promise a number of convenient benefits for the busy homeowner. These systems provide secure access from laptops, tablets and mobile phones, giving users the ability to control and monitor their home’s security on the go, from anywhere in the ‘connected’ world.

With increased connectivity, users can set custom event notifications and monitor sensors, appliances and video streams to reduce the number of false alarms reported to security companies and local authorities.

These app-driven solutions also add a degree of customization and automation that allow users to adjust their security settings to fit their personal needs and schedules .

Connected Devices
The security marketplace is growing with a number of notable startups like Wink and Nest offering Smart Home hubs for integrating ‘connected’ devices. These hubs consolidate the networking of all devices through one portal and allow users to control their homes through a single app dashboard.

Locks – Companies like Kwikset are leading the lockset industry with keyless devices like Kevo that give homeowners remote monitoring and control capabilities. The keys for these locks are integrated into your mobile phone and can be shared with friends and family.

Window & Door Detectors – A number of reputable household brands like Pella and GE have introduced simple, magnetic window and door sensors that alert you when they are opened. These discreet, wireless sensors are definitely smarter and more convenient than their wired predecessors.

Motion Detectors – New products like the GE Spotter detect changes in motion, vibration, light and temperature to keep you informed of changing room conditions.

Video Cameras – In the case that you get an unexpected alert; or you just want to check on the cats, high-definition, wifi-enabled video will let you get a first-hand look at what may be happening before you alert the authorities.

Smoke, Heat & CO2 Detectors – For those of us who like to burn candles without being interrupted by the deafening shriek of an alarm, the newest generation of smoke detectors have evolved a smarter set of senses. Devices like the Nest Protect provide, less intrusive ‘Heads Up’ alerts before setting off an emergency alarm.

Energy Management – Smart air conditioners, thermostats, water heaters and window shades promise to save you money on your monthly gas and electric bills. These devices learn your personal use patterns and schedules to curb energy consumption when not in use.
We can be sure that as the technology grows, devices of all kinds will test the waters for consumer acceptance. While toothbrushes and piggy banks represent the furthest-reaching concepts vying for space on our dashboards, other devices promise to make our lives more manageable and efficient. We recommend that you keep your eyes on this category – as new, more affordable solutions are introduced every day.





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