February 12, 2021

Handling IT Challenges When Moving Your Office

Moving to a new office has many advantages, including allowing a business to grow. But office moves bring challenges, especially those related to moving your information technology.

Here are some ways to help with your IT challenges when moving your office.

Store Your Data

Safeguarding the secure storage of your data is critical to a successful move. If you store data on local drives, you may also want to store it in the Cloud just in case something happens to your drives during the move. If you already store your information in the Cloud, consider asking an IT professional to clean up your Cloud space before moving.


The first step is to establish whether your company’s current Internet Service Provider operates in the new location. If so, you’ll want to schedule the ISP move at least 30 days in advance, and preferably 60. If you need to switch ISPs, allow 90 days or more to research and select a new provider.


Plan cable installation early on while determining how you will redesign the space for future use. Ideally, the cabling vendor, IT partner or IT department, and interior designer should meet and plan together. A coordinated planning approach typically results in a more accurate budget and more efficient space.

Phone Service

Often getting a phone system or VoIP service to work is more complicated than just plugging the old system into the new space. With an on-premise system, each phone must be individually disconnected and reconnected, and the connection may also be tied to an ISP.

If you use a VoIP, verify that service is available in the new location well ahead of time, while you can still secure another vendor, if necessary. If you are using the same vendor, notify them of your new location as soon as possible.

Develop a Plan

Be sure to develop a plan for your move, including a schedule of when individuals should accomplish each IT-related task. If you work with any IT partners, be sure to include them in your planning early. As you design the new space, consider where each desk, and its accompanying equipment, will be placed.

Determine with your team the best time for the move. Consider if moving on a weekend is best for your situation, even if the price might be higher. A weekend move will help you avoid operational disruption on a workday.

Plan the sequence in which items will be moved; for example, desks must go into the new space before the computers.

Moving Day

Before the rest of the team arrives, test each network connection and server; also try the network capability and data migration. Do a walkthrough to make sure all the equipment is in the right place, including the telephone numbers. Test the phone system features and forward calls from the old office to the new. Check the website and Intranet.

Having your IT partner and telecoms provider available the first few days in the new office will help alleviate user anxiety and fix problems quickly.

Pro Movers

The best way to handle general office move challenges is to rely on dedicated professional movers. Contact our team for a quote. We can help with your office move.


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