February 7, 2022

Getting To Know Your Neighbors After a Relocation: Four Easy Ideas

When you make a household move into a new neighborhood, it can be tough to get to know others. Thankfully, meeting your new neighbors doesn’t have to be awkward. A little bit of courtesy and kindness goes a long way, and these four simple tips will make it easy to fit right into your new surroundings.

Get Involved

Showing that you’re excited to be a part of your new neighborhood can go a long way. For example, shovel your neighbor’s sidewalk when it snows or offer to handle lawn care for an elderly neighbor. Doing so gives you a great way to spark a conversation while also doing some good for those around you.

Spend Time Outdoors

It might be tempting to stay inside while the dust settles from your move. But staying in and focusing only on your unpacking can shut you off from your community. Instead, it’s important to spend time outside so that you have the chance to interact with others in your neighborhood. Garden and yardwork are great ways to spend some time outdoors, and you can also simply relax on the porch after a long day at work. Resist the temptation just to give a friendly nod or wave to neighbors as they pass by. Instead, strike up a conversation and introduce yourself. Doing so can help you learn more about your new neighborhood and make new friends.

Drop Off a Thoughtful Gift

Drop off a thoughtful treat or pleasant surprise to know your immediate neighbors. A houseplant, decorative item, or special treat from your hometown can all open up the door to conversation and let your neighbors know that you’re interested in making friends. If you decide to drop off a gift, be sure to include a note to say hello. Include your contact information (including your cell phone number), so they can get in touch.

Attend Community Events

Natural, organic conversation happens easily at community events. When you’re taking a break from unpacking boxes, hit up a craft fair or festival in your neighborhood. You’ll get the chance to talk to others who live nearby and learn more about what your new community has to offer. If you have a small business or a hobby that you enjoy sharing with others, learn more about setting up a stand or booth at local fairs. This gives you an easy way to converse with others and let your new community know more about you and your business.

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