June 13, 2017

Why You Should Get an In-Home Estimate for Your Move

So you are moving.  Maybe it’s a local move, maybe it’s a long-distance move.  You want to know what it’s going to cost.  How do you find out?  Call a mover and ask them, right?

Well, partly right.  A phone call or an online request can get you started, but in order to really get a full idea of how moving works, and what it costs, you need an in-home estimate.

While phone quotes are common with some movers, most reputable moving companies are happy to have a representative come out to your house, condo, or apartment to actually see what you are moving, identify any potential problems, and give you a written estimate.

It’s certainly better for both you and your mover if you can identify any issues ahead of time to avoid surprises on move day.  Does the exercise equipment need special attention?  Is there a narrow stairway?  What’s really in that crawl space under the steps?  A few minutes spent looking through a home can potentially save you hundreds or thousands of dollars in unexpected charges, so it is time well spent.  Plus, in-home estimates are free, so why not take advantage of that?

Your estimator might also be able to give you some tips and ways to save money in your move.

Now, while an in-home estimate is the norm for most moves, it might not be feasible if a mover is a great distance from your home.  Most movers will visit your home if you’re within about 50 miles from them.  So, 95% of the population is covered, but for rural residents, you should contact a reputable mover to discuss what your options are.

Ballpark quotes are ok, but there is NO SUBSTITUTE for having a professional view your belongings in person.

Please call us or contact us online if you’d like to get an in-home estimate for your move!


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