March 8, 2019

Food for Thought: The 5 Best Restaurants in Minneapolis for New Residents (Local-Approved)

Moving to a new city can be stressful and terrifying. Finding new friend groups can be overwhelming. Leaving behind your favorite coffee shop can make it hard to find a new regular cafe.

How do you find the best restaurants in Minneapolis? Trust the locals to find the right place for you. If you’re down for some unique foods and unusual restaurants, check this list out. It’s a local foodie-approved!

1. Mercy Bar & Dining Room

First things first, Midwest homestyle food is some of the best in this country. If you’re looking for comfort food that will keep you cozy in the brutal Minnesota winters, look no further than Mercy Bar & Dining Room.  

Mercy Bar offers some southern twists on your favorite foods and if you visit, be sure to try one of their locally brewed beers.

2. Cafe Alma

This restaurant has been winning awards for 20 years. It’s been a longtime local favorite since it opened its doors in 1999. Cafe Alma is only open for dinner, and it offers a three-course meal.

You will be able to choose your seasonally appropriate meal from a fixed menu.

Its desserts are drool-worthy, and we recommend the Caramel Coffee Pot du Creme.

3. Hai Hai

If you love Vietnamese food, you need to check this restaurant out.

The second brainchild of creative team Christina Nguyen and Birk Stefan Grudem, Hai Hai offers up five-star cuisine. Their bar is just as excellent. Some of their best delicacies are a Vietnamese fusion that will satisfy any foodie’s tastebuds.

A local favorite is the banana blossom salad. This dish would be unique on any Minnesota table.

4. Gardens of Salonica

Minneapolis has some of the best Greek cuisines in the country.

If you’re into baklava or want some excellent gyros, look no further than the Gardens of Salonica. This restaurant will heap piles of fabulous Greek food in front of you, leaving you bursting by the time you pay the bill.

There are several menus to try. If you are hoping for a lunch place with fast and easy options, try their hummus platters! They have carry out and can cater for your events as well.

We recommend their stuffed grape leaves and mousaka!

5. Murray’s

No food recommendation list would be complete without a favorite local steakhouse.

Minneapolis has a few that are well loved, but none are as cherished as Murray’s Steakhouse. This restaurant offers up high-end cocktails, perfectly cooked steaks, and a great environment to hang out with loved ones.

Established in 1946, Murray’s is known for its “butter knife steak” and legendary garlic toast. We recommend their French Onion Soup and a Cherrywood Sazarac cocktail!  

Need More of the Best Restaurants in Minneapolis?

Don’t let moving to a new city dent your food appreciation.

Trusting the locals will help you find your new regular places to dig into Minneapolis. The city has some of the best international cuisines in the Midwest. With hundreds of options to choose from, it’s no wonder Minneapolis is considered the comfort food capital of the US.  

If you’re looking for some more of the best restaurants in Minneapolis, check out our blog!


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