November 20, 2020

Finding Service Providers and More: A Guide to Setting up Utilities for a New House

Just under 10 percent of the American population moved between 2018 and 2019. That equates to roughly 33 million people.

Perhaps you’re one of the millions who will move in 2020 or beyond. If you are, you have lots to mark off your checklist. One major to-do is setting up utilities for a new house.

Luckily, this doesn’t have to be a tough or time-consuming task, whether or not you rely on home-moving services.

Here’s how to do it.

1. Make a List

During your moving chaos, it’s easy to miss some essential tasks. If one of those neglected tasks is setting up an essential utility, the result will be more stress.

As soon as you start getting ready for your move, create a list of your necessary utilities. Your individual list will depend on your new home. It might include:

  •   Electricity
  •   Gas
  •   Water
  •   Recycling pick-up
  •   Trash pick-up
  •   Internet
  •   Cable or satellite TV service
  •   Phone service

Preparing your list early will help get things in order. Don’t wait until the last minute. This will prevent you from missing any utilities and their essential deadlines.

2. Find Out Who Your New Providers Are

At least three or four weeks before your move date, identify who your new utility providers will be. Even if you’re staying in the same city or neighborhood, you could have a new company in charge of your water, electricity, gas, trash collection, etc. So, find out which one services the area.

If you’re moving into a rental, your landlord should be able to tell you which companies to use. If you’ve bought a property, look up the city or county’s website for more information on utility providers, or ask your realtor for the company names.

You’re likely to have multiple choices for cable and internet, though. It’s a good idea to learn about each company in advance and research which one has the best deals.

3. Contact the New, Cut Off the Old

When you’re two to three weeks away from moving, it’s time to start setting up your utility contracts. You’ll already know which companies to contact thanks to your prior research.

Check out their websites first. You should be able to set up services there. If not, give the company a call to get everything in order for your move-in date.

It’s good to get this done with plenty of time to spare. Some utility companies will perform a credit check before they let you sign up. If you get the ball rolling in advance, you can avoid any hiccups.

On that note, you should take time now to call your current providers to end your contracts. They can schedule the shut-off for your last day in your current home. You might want to schedule shut-off for the day after you move out so that you can be sure to have lights and water throughout the move-out day.

4. Switch Them On

It’s moving day—time to turn on your utilities!

This step shouldn’t be that hard to manage. You set up your utilities at least two weeks ago, so they should be on and ready for you when you move in.

You know how to check they’re working, too. Flip the light switches, turn on faucets, and light the hobs on your gas stovetop. You can do this while the commercial moving team is carting your belongings into the space.

If everything’s working, you’re good to go. Call your new provider if something’s not right—they can sort it out quickly for you.

Double-check your old utility accounts, too. Make sure they’ve been closed as promised.

Setting Up Utilities For a New House — and a New Life

Now you know how you should be setting up utilities for a new house. With this task done, you can focus on what’s next: Starting your new life in your new home.

We can help with your move, too—contact us today to get started.



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