November 6, 2020

Don’t Want Any Pests to Move With You? Here’s How to Keep Them Out!

Moving to a new place feels like a fresh start. And you definitely want everything to be fresh.

The last thing you need is for any unwanted pests to come with you—especially something with more than four legs or animals that aren’t pets.

The good news is that this is a goal you can achieve. Here’s how to get started.

Declutter to Eliminate Hiding Spaces

It may surprise you how easily pests can hide even in the cleanest homes. They take advantage of the slightest clutter to set up housekeeping.

To keep them from tagging along, you should declutter your house. Start with rooms you don’t use as often. That keeps the packing easier and helps you make the most progress.

Clean Out Old Boxes

While you pack, you might notice a bunch of old boxes full of decorations or other things you might have forgotten about. Now’s an excellent time to look through them.

After all, if you aren’t sure what is inside, you can’t tell what you are bringing with you.

Repack each box into a new one and look at each item before moving it. If you find anything suspicious, set it aside for cleaning or treatment.

Inspect Common Areas for Pests

Most homes have insects or rodents that live in or around the home structure. So you might be living with them without even realizing it. That’s why you should learn the signs of an infestation.

Some signs are more obvious, like a trail of ants or a cockroach scurrying out of sight. Others, like termite wings in the corner of your attic, are harder to find.

Give yourself plenty of time to clean the house as you pack. You’ll have more opportunities to spot problems.

Act Quickly to Remove Pests

The best time to treat pests is before you have an infestation. The second-best time is now. Acting quickly can help you make sure that you don’t bring along any little creepers.

The right solution depends on the problem. In some cases, a few ant baits in your kitchen or basement will be sufficient. In others, it’s time to call an exterminator.

Calling for professional pest control is no one’s idea of a good time, but it’s one of the best things you can do before moving, especially if you have a problem. Think of it as an investment in your future happiness.

Use a Staging Location

Since packing on your own can take weeks, you will need to make a plan to keep all those boxes in pest-free conditions. It would be a nightmare to spend your time cleaning and packing, only to have to do it again last-minute.

Staging your boxes in a central and secure location before you move is a reasonable solution. The newly-packed boxes stay clean, and you will have more room to move.

Even if you’re pretty sure you don’t have an infestation, it’s still an excellent practice to stage your boxes somewhere else. Find out about your options for temporary storage.

Moving without pests is a great goal, and you can achieve it with these tips. Follow these steps to make sure you start your new life in your new home pest-free.




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