February 6, 2023

Closet Design and Organizational Ideas for Your New Home

Moving to a new home represents a fresh start. You have the opportunity to organize your life better. One of the best places to start is with your closets. Here are some closet design and organizational ideas for after your household move.

1. Understand Yourself

Everyone is different. Consider how to store items so they will be accessible to you. For example, some men might prefer ties on a pull-out rack, while others prefer them folded in drawers with dividers. You want the closet to work for you.

2. Adopt an Organizational Strategy

Once you’ve considered your needs, adopt an organizational strategy that fits those needs. For example, do you want to organize clothes by season, type of item, or color? Arrange everything so that it best suits your lifestyle.

Once you’ve decided how to organize, consider using closet dividers to partition your closet. For example, you could have one divider for each season.

Consider storing items that you don’t regularly use in harder-to-reach areas. Also, use acrylic shelf dividers to organize closet shelves better.

3. Use Storage Solutions

Many stores such as Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Amazon offer various hacks to help you organize your wardrobe once you’ve determined a strategy. You can opt for a full-fledged closet organizing system or a few simple solutions. Just be sure to measure carefully before buying any closet solution.

Closet organizing solutions can help with special needs, such as corner closets or shared closets. They can also help maximize space, such as fully using the back of your closet or having double rows of hanging rods. If you don’t need to redo a closet completely, you can add space by installing an extra shelf or an organizer to the back of the door.

Vacuum storage bags are an excellent way to store out-of-season clothes. First, place the clothing in a bag, then use your vacuum to suck the air out.

4. Store Special Needs Items

Some items are challenging to store. Shoes are one example. Consider buying stackable shoe boxes. If you put shoes on a shelf, consider facing each pair of shoes the opposite way so you can easily find them.

Gloves are also tricky to keep together. Consider an over-the-door glove organizing rack. You can also place an ironing board storage rack on a closet door. Over-the-door jewelry caddies also work well.

Add S hooks to wire shelving to store cleaning items such as mops and brooms.

5. Expand Beyond the Closet Walls

If you lack enough closet space and have decluttered all you can, you can expand the space beyond the closet walls. You can often make a second closet by buying garment racks. Consider a covered garment organizer if you prefer to keep your clothes out of sight. An armoire is another option if you have the space.

You also can use wall space outside the closet for shelving, hooks, or hung wire bins.

Maintain Your Organization

Try to maintain your organization by putting items back in their proper place. Also, set aside time each week to tidy up.

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