September 21, 2021

Clearing Out Clutter: How to Decide What to Discard as You Pack

Whether you start the process of packing for your move weeks or months before the big day, it can be tough to decide what’s worth packing and what’s better off discarded. So here, we’re delving into the questions you need to ask yourself to pare down your belongings and get rid of clutter during the packing process. 

Could I need this item for legal purposes?

This is a big one — if there’s any chance that you could need an item for legal purposes, you’ll want to tuck it away. Things to get out of your cluttered spaces and pack in an easy-to-find container include passports, social security cards, birth certificates, tax documents, and returns (keep the most recent three to seven years of records and returns). Also, take out and file any other important information that has somehow made its way into your catch-all drawer. 

If faced with the choice of repurchasing this item, would I purchase it?

When sorting through knick-knacks and decorative items, it’s normal to feel bad discarding things. You know that you paid money for your possessions, and giving them away can feel wasteful. Take a moment to think: if you were in the store looking at this item, would you still purchase it? If the answer is no, it’s a good idea to pass it on. 

Have I used/worn this item in the past year?

This is a perfect test for deciding whether to keep clothes, shoes, and jackets. If you haven’t worn or used an item in the past twelve months, it’s wise to donate it. Over a year, you’ve had the chance to experience all four seasons and have a good idea of whether you’ll need to use an item. One caveat to this rule: if you’re moving to an area with a significantly different climate, you may want to hang onto colder- or warmer-weather items that you haven’t needed in your current home. 

Does this item work well?

We’ve all been there — hanging onto the phone charger that only kind of works or keeping a pair of eyeglasses from a few prescriptions ago. If an item doesn’t work well (and you have a replacement item that works better), discard it. There’s no need to keep “just in case” items around when you’ve already found a replacement better suited for your needs. 

Will this item fit with the decor scheme and environment I want to create in my new home?

When you’re moving into a new home, you have the chance to create the perfect environment for your needs. Take some time to envision the clean, clutter-free space you want, and feel free to let go of anything that doesn’t fit that vision. 

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