March 22, 2016

Checklist for Moving: Items to Not Move

Before you move (not after!) is a good time to sort through your home and decide what you really need to move and what you can do without. There are probably some things that you haven’t used for a long time and other things you just don’t need any more.

Remember that whether you use a professional mover or move yourself, you are paying, either with money or with your time, for everything you take. So, there are some items that just aren’t worth moving.

For a local move, you might be paying for the time of the crew. Heavy things generally take more time to load and unload, so they are more expensive to move. For a move out of town or across the country, you are likely paying for the weight of your shipment, so again heavy items will cost you more.

Canned foods can be quite heavy but can be purchased cheaply, so you should try to use them up before the move.

Also, liquids such as cooking oil, vinegar, and canned or bottled beverages can be pretty heavy and probably are not worth moving. In addition, if a liquid is not packed well or if it freezes, there is the risk of a bottle leaking onto other contents of the box and onto other boxes. For these reasons, it is not recommended to move liquids.

On the other hand, spices can be quite expensive and are NOT very heavy, so these are probably worth moving as long as they are packed well.

Of course, books can be very heavy (one box of books can weigh around 50 pounds), so it is a good idea to give away any books you no longer need or want.

You should also sort through papers and financial documents and recycle any that you don’t need to keep any longer. A good article from Consumer Reports on how long to keep documents is here: click here to read document

So, if you keep the weight and value of an item in mind, you can minimize the cost of your move and organize your life a little, too!

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