February 27, 2015

Cat-Astrophe Averted

Early one summer morning, one of our customers called to say that she thought her cat might be in one of the boxes in her shipment that we picked up the day before for a long-distance move!

This customer opted for our Full Service Container program, which means that her things were loaded into large containers before they are put on a truck.  This gives some benefits such as certain-day delivery.

She remembered leaving some wardrobe boxes open until the very end of the loading process, at which time she taped them up.  When she couldn’t locate her cat that night, she was pretty sure that’s where it had to be.  It was the only other place she could think of.  We asked her to come in right away so we could open the container with her present.  Luckily the truck had not left with the containers yet.

And she was right!  The cat was inside and doing fine.



It was awesome, that’s the only why I can put it in words. They came and packed everything up at the time they said they would and delivered as well.

- Rebecca N.