January 16, 2017

Binding Versus Non-Binding Estimates

For interstate (long-distance) moves, there two basic types of estimates that can be provided to a customer: binding and non-binding.

With a “binding estimate”, the customer knows in advance what the move will cost, excluding any required destination services, regardless of variances in the actual weight, as long as the inventory of the items actually moved is the same as the estimate inventory and additional services are not requested.

A “non-binding estimate” is based on an inventory of the customer’s household goods and provides the customer with a pricing guideline.  There is no contractual commitment to this estimate, and the final charges the customer must pay could be higher or lower than the estimated cost, depending on the actual weight of the shipment, the actual services provided, and the origin and destination of the shipment.

So, which one is best?  As always, it depends on the situation.

Often, customers prefer a binding or not-to-exceed estimate, because they have peace of mind in knowing that their move charges will not exceed a certain amount.

However, a binding estimate cannot always be provided if the weight of your shipment or other services cannot accurately be judged.  This might be the case if you are moving items from a mini-storage where your things cannot clearly be seen.  Or, you may be moving only some items from your house but are not completely sure which things (maybe you are going to try to give some things away but are not sure how much you will end up with).

It is most important that you contact a mover you trust who can send a representative out to view your home and discuss your move with you.  At that time, you can together decide what type of estimate is best for your situation.


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