March 29, 2018

When is the Best Time to Move?

If you’re considering a move to another city, state, or just another apartment, you’re not alone. More than 30 million people move around the US every year. With all those people competing for space, rentals, and homes, you might try to be flexible and wait for the best time to move.

There’s been research showing that moving is more stressful than a divorce. The prospect of moving will keep people in a less than ideal home for longer than they want to be there.

If you’re ready to move but looking for the ideal time to get out, you’ll save yourself some stress by finding the best time to move. Here are some tips on finding the perfect time.

The Right Time of Day

The right time to move during the day is first thing in the morning. While you might not be a morning person, it’s worthwhile to pretend to be one for moving day.

Think about the kind of sweat you could build up with all the lifting, carrying, and climbing up stairs. If you’re moving in the summer, you’ll want to get a start as early as you can when the weather is cooler.

If morning just won’t work, moving in the evening is a good option, so long as your energy isn’t completely depleted at the end of the day.

Find The Right Day

Weekdays are a much better choice than weekends. Booking a vehicle, driving through traffic, and hiring movers is going to be a lot more competitive on the weekend. Most people are going to be moving Friday through Sunday.

If you have a flexible work or school schedule, give yourself a day off to move during the work week. If you can make up the time on the weekend, that’s all the better.

Find the Right Week During The Month

The best time to move will be smack in the middle of the month. Most leases start on or around the first or end of the month.


Moving when no one else is going to be moving is the way to do it. If you’ve got enough time to plan ahead, put together a checklist to ensure you don’t forget anything.

The Best Time of Year

Because of school and college schedules, most people move between May and September. This is when you’ll find the most competition for booking vans or movers.

So, if you have the flexibility to avoid the summer months for your move, choose October through March, and you will most likely find it more economical.

Finding The Best Time To Move Saves Money

Finding an apartment or a home during the winter means that there will be less competition. You’ll be able to negotiate and talk down even the hardest bargainers.

If you’re ready to start scheduling your move, contact us for more money-saving tips.



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