August 15, 2022

Avoid 5 Mistakes When Moving Your Business

An office move is often necessary or advisable to gain better customer access, make operations more efficient, or find a more appropriate sized space. An office move can be challenging, however. Not only do you need to move to a different space, but you need to do so without disrupting operations.

Here are five mistakes to avoid when moving your office.

1. Failing to Properly Plan

To avoid poor planning, start planning for your office relocation early, at least six to 12 months before the moving date. Then, establish a timeline and appoint a coordinator.

The timeline will include notification of employees, customers, and service providers. It will also have time to take inventory, measure the new office space, buy new equipment and furnishings, and finish necessary renovations.

Assign a moving liaison in each department and give them responsibility for coordinating aspects of the move that are specific to their departments.

2. Failing to Communicate with IT

Failing to disconnect and reconnect office technology properly can cause significant complications. Having new computers or servers arrive in the new office without climate control or sufficient power outlets is something else to avoid.

To prevent these complications, communicate with your IT department as soon as you know you’re going to move. The IT department will then have adequate time to develop a plan. They’ll help decide which equipment to move, where to locate it in the new space, and how to disconnect and reconnect it safely.

3. Setting Unrealistic Budget Expectations

Talk to several professional movers to receive a reasonable expectation of their fees. However, the professional movers’ fees are only part of the costs associated with a corporate move. Consider the costs of renovations, marketing, and relocation incentives for employees. If your office is moving to a different state, consider the cost of additional regulations or registrations.

4. Moving Useless Junk

Sort and throw away, give away, or sell any furniture you won’t need or want in the new location. Ask IT to help you identify obsolete or near obsolete hardware so you can leave it behind and buy new equipment after the move. Moving useless equipment will add costs and complexity to your relocation.

5. Failing to Gain Employee Buy-in

Communicate with employees early to allow them to process the news and ask questions. Be proactive in considering reservations or complaints employees might have so that you can facilitate problem-solving around the complaints. For example, if parking will be challenging, can you offer solutions such as vouchers for public transportation or negotiating an agreement with a nearby parking garage? Prepare packets that help employees find services near the new office, such as childcare, banks, gyms, and restaurants.

If the move is long-distance, consider offering relocation packages to the employees you are particularly interested in keeping. Packages typically include reasonable moving costs, including travel to find housing in the new city. It might also have temporary housing, home sale assistance, or money to compensate employees for breaking their lease. Job search assistance for their spouse or partner might also be included.

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