April 18, 2017

Auto Insurance Discounts

New Technology Could Help Save You Money

How often do you consider changing your auto insurance policy? Perhaps not often enough.

If you subscribe to the set it and forget it mentality, you may be missing out on timely policy discounts. Constant changes in lifestyle and technology afford us new opportunities to save money on auto insurance.  This is especially true for movers who are relocating around career milestones.

According to research, new jobs, promotions, transfers and retirement are significant precursors to moving events.  This means movers are more likely to acquire new cars, new houses and new routines. Fortunately for the savvy mover, safe cars, quiet neighborhoods and shorter commutes happen to qualify us for rate reductions.

Take Advantage of New Technology
With new rates in mind, you may want to also consider taking advantage of the latest in insurance industry technology.  These days, many insurers are recommending auto tracking devices to policy holders who want their safe driving habits reflected on monthly bills.

These plug-in sensors calculate driving distances, speeds, hard-stopping habits and daily routines to create a driver-specific insurance profile.  With these profiles, your insurance agent can offer special adjustments that result in rate discounts of up to 30%.

Special Discounts
In the competitive insurance marketplace, providers are constantly offering creative discounts to catch drivers’ attention.  While every company offers a different mix of discounts, many of the following special reductions are worth asking about. After all, every little bit counts.

Seat Belt Discount – Good seat belt habits can pay off when it comes time to pay your premium. Some insurance providers will give you a break on the medical coverage portion of your auto policy for having automatic seatbelts. Some will even give you credit if you don’t have any seat belt violations on your record.

Online Shopper Discount – Insurance companies save a ton of money in administrative costs when you process all of your own paperwork online. Some of them are even nice enough to pass those savings on in the form of an online shopping discount.  You may be able to extend these savings even further with discounts offered for online and full-balance payments.

Association Discounts – Many organizations and associations have negotiated group discount rates for members and their families as a membership benefit.  Check with Auto Clubs (AAA), Farm Bureaus, Credit Unions and Fraternal Organizations to see if they can help you can catch a break on your next insurance payment.

Occupation Discount – It’s generally understood that insurance companies base rates on factors that statistically affect risk like age, gender and driving record. What you may not know is that there are other statistically significant categories like occupation that qualify for discounts. In this category, government employees, engineers, scientists, doctors, CPAs, teachers and first responders reap the most benefit.

Defensive Driver Discount – In addition to safe driving discounts, some insurance companies offer incentives to drivers who pass defensive driving courses.  While the rules for these programs vary state to state, it is worth your time to look into a driving course. You could save a lot more than a couple dollars on your monthly bill if you break bad driving habits in the process.





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