October 12, 2023

Answers to 7 Top Commercial Moving Questions

Business owners typically have several questions when planning a relocation. Here are answers to seven of the most common commercial moving questions.

How Much Will a Move Cost?

Every move is different. The cost depends on the move’s complexity, the office’s size, the weight of packed items, the distance, timing, and other factors. To ensure the best value, contact two or three registered, professional commercial movers and ask each to provide an estimate.

In addition to the costs of the movers, you will also have other charges, including:

  • Cost of advertising and the production of new collateral materials
  • Deposits
  • Building renovation costs
  • Relocation costs for employees if the move is a long-distance
  • Costs associated with any lost business while the move is in progress

What Documents Will My Mover Provide Me?

A reputable moving company will provide you with a written estimate. Once you decide on a mover, they’ll write your schedule. They’ll also provide you with a bill of lading, setting forth the conditions of the move.

How Involved Do I Need to Be?

Often, you can be as involved or uninvolved as you want. Talk with moving companies to determine what services they offer and the cost.

Most moving companies can pack up your office, saving you and your employees from this task. The best movers can also help set up your IT. Many movers also can offer moving coordination services that save considerable time. Your involvement is up to you.

How Much Will the Move Disrupt My Business?

The answer also varies depending on the business and the moving company you choose. The best movers will understand the need for business continuity throughout the move. They can adjust their schedules to accomplish the relocation at slow times for you, such as weekends. They’ll also be able to advise you on ways to eliminate or reduce disruption.

What Happens If I Need Short-term Storage?

Sometimes, businesses need to store items temporarily during their move. If you expect to need short-term or long-term storage, ask about it when interviewing potential movers. The best movers will offer a convenient, climate-controlled warehouse. They also will provide secure storage options.

How Do You Handle High-Value, IT, and Electronic Items?

Sensitive and high-value equipment needs special care, and you want to ensure your movers have the resources and expertise to handle any situation. 

Confirm they take special care in packing every piece and can handle truckload, dock-to-dock, inside pickup and delivery, and crated shipments. Confirm their trucks are air-ride equipped and have climate control and lift gate trailers.

How Do I Protect Sensitive Documents During the Move?

The first step in protecting sensitive documents is to choose a trustworthy moving company. Ask each company you interview about how they protect personal and sensitive information. Scan their reviews online and ask other offices that have moved.

Another way is to assign an administrative person to be in charge of the sensitive documents. Give each box of sensitive documents a number corresponding to a spreadsheet number. Also, list the contents of each box on the spreadsheet. Then, track the box’s progress on the spreadsheet.

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