November 7, 2022

9 Office Decor Ideas That Inspire the Best Work

Moving to a new office provides an opportunity to change your office decor. Studies show that the environment can influence relationships, interactions, and motivations. Here are some office decor ideas that inspire creativity or productivity in the workplace.

1. Ensure Workers Have Inspiring Views

In the past, companies often had desks facing away from the windows because they thought the view would distract workers. However, looking out the window can alleviate stress and improve concentration. It also reminds workers to take a break from staring at the computer screen, which will help avoid eyestrain and headaches.

If you can’t give all the desks a window view, consider placing a calming or exciting artwork within easy view.

2. Bring in Green Plants

Green plants also relieve stress and improve memory and increase efficiency. Houseplants also contribute fresh air to enclosed spaces. The plants don’t have to be high maintenance to be effective. Even a succulent or cactus can help.

3. Use Natural Light When Possible

A study by a Cornell University professor found that workers in offices with natural light had 84 percent fewer headaches, eyestrain, and blurred vision symptoms. Fluorescent lighting, on the other hand, triggers migraines.

Take off the blinds, use sheer curtains, and locate desks near natural light, if possible. If you still need more light, use lamps rather than fluorescent lighting.

4. Prioritize Furniture Comfort Over Style

Stylish furniture might impress customers, but comfortable furniture is critical to improving employee productivity. For example, a worker sitting in an uncomfortable chair most of the day is highly likely to suffer from backaches and reduced concentration.

5. Provide Organizational Props

Clutter reduces productivity. Ensure your decor includes shelves and storage units so employees can easily organize their workspaces.

6. Provide Individual and Group Spaces

Different workers perform better in different environments. For example, some work better in consultation with others, while others require quiet. According to a U.S. Workplace Survey, innovative companies are more likely to accommodate both types of personalities by having both group and individual workspaces.

7. Carefully Consider Color Choices

Colors can also affect mood and productivity. For example, drab colors like gray, beige, and white might promote a gloomy atmosphere, while light blues and greens encourage productivity. Green, for example, is associated with creativity and balance, while blue is calming and the favorite of most people.

Red is associated with energy and passion, but too much of it is jarring to the senses. Also, studies have shown that red reduces analytical thinking. A little bright color can inspire passion, but avoid going overboard.

8. Tie Decor In With Room’s Purpose

Think carefully about the use of each room and what type of decor will most likely support the room’s usage. For example, quiet is essential for personal spaces, while friendliness is more critical in conference rooms and group areas. Also, ensure adequate power outlets are available in group and conference rooms.

9. Use The Right Scents

Scents can also affect the brain. For example, cinnamon helps focus the mind on work, and citrus lifts the spirit. Pine will increase alertness, and peppermint improves moods.

Office Move

Moving to a new office provides an excellent opportunity to spark creativity.

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