July 14, 2022

8 Tips for Telling Customers About Your Business Move

Losing contact with people during a move is a common occurrence. But, for a business, loss of connection means loss of customers and revenue. Companies, then, want to do everything they can to remain in contact with their customers.

Here are ways to tell your customers that your business is relocating.

1. Create a Contact List

Have each team member submit their customer contacts to create a master list. Having multiple connections at the same business is OK. Announce your relocation to all of them. Every announcement is a way to put your company name at the top of their minds.

2. Send Personal Letters

Write a personal business relocation letter to each of your customers to show that you value their business. Give a positive reason for the move. End with a positive note about your relationship.

3. Announce on Web and Social Media

The Internet and social media are also important media for announcing your relocation. For example, consider a home or contact page banner that starts several months before moving. Then post another banner announcing the move that stays for six months after the move.

You can announce the move on your social media pages in advance, along with relocation photos. You can also keep customers updated with new photos as the time for the relocation draws closer.

4. Send Clever Announcements

Send clever announcements with invoices and other communications. Never substitute creative announcements for personal letters, however. Both types of communication are essential.

5. Announce in the Local Newspaper

Consider announcing the move in the newspaper through paid media (ads) and earned media (news stories.) If you already advertise, use one of your ads to announce your move, then put a statement about the relocation in all your ads for six months. For example, you might say, “Contact us at our new location, 9 Commerce St.” If you don’t already advertise, consider one or two ads to announce the move.

To gain earned media, write a press release to send to the business reporter who covers your industry. You want the press release to convey that your relocation is a statement of your success. Include the relocation date, new location, expected benefits, positive aspects of the move, and information about your products and services.

6. Update Your Address on Online Venues

Be sure to update your address on social media, website, online business directories, and Google.

7. Announce Through Voice Mail

Place a moving announcement on all your office lines to allow customers to take down the new location and phone number, if applicable.

8. Throw a Grand Opening Celebration Post-Move

After your move, host a Grand Opening Celebration. Consider how to create a memorable experience for your guests that furthers your brand reputation. Also, consider whether you want an informal family affair, a professional atmosphere, or an elegant, formal event.

The type of event should fit in well with your brand; for example, an upscale hotel would be more likely to host an elegant, formal event than a toy store. Depending upon your business, a theme party also might be memorable and support your brand.

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