April 18, 2024

6 Tips to Stage Your Home Without Help from a Pro

Staging your home can increase the sale price of your home by as much as 1 to 5%. Staging is more affordable when you do it yourself instead of engaging the services of a professional. When relocating, you can stage your home effectively if you establish a budget, clean it from top to bottom, and make smart decisions about furniture and personal belongings. These tips can help.

1. Know Your Budget

While staging is a relatively cost-effective way to boost the sale price of your home, it does cost some money. It’s crucial to establish a staging budget to avoid spending too much. Set aside an amount of money for your staging process.

Decide in advance how many rooms need staging and divide the budget equally among the rooms, or if one room is more important than the others, increase the amount you’re willing to spend in that room and subtract from the amount you’ll spend on the other rooms.

2. Clean, Clean, Clean

Cleaning is essential to the staging process. Plan to clean your house yourself, or work with a professional cleaning team to complete this. Either way, a deep clean is required, including parts you wouldn’t usually clean, like ceiling fans, curtains, baseboards, and more.

3. Make Small Updates and Remodels

Small updates like changes to the room’s paint color or replacing the curtains can dramatically affect the room’s appearance and ambiance. Even something as simple as installing throw pillows or a throw blanket can change a space’s mood.

If you’re repainting, remember that neutrals are universal in their appeal and are often the preferred colors if you’re going to repaint. In addition, lighter colors tend to make spaces look bigger and more cheerful.

4. Use Furniture Wisely

You can use older furniture in a staged home, but it’s best to hide furniture in poor condition. Put it in a storage facility or just somewhere out of sight. If you’re keeping your furniture in your home, consider rearranging it for a more attractive setup. If you need new furniture to fill a space, rent furniture for staging. Don’t leave a room empty: staged homes should have furniture.

5. Hide Personal Items

Personal items like kid toys and pictures can distract buyers trying to take in the whole environment and imagine themselves living there. Put your personal items away until your home sells or until you move into a new home.

6. Visit Staged Homes for Ideas

Get a sense of how to stage your home by visiting other homes that have also been staged. You’ll probably see staged homes if you visit open house events in your area. Take notes and pictures to get ideas. Brainstorm with other household members for ways to apply these ideas to your home.

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