January 29, 2021

6 Tips For Securely Packing Electronics When Moving

When making a residential move, packing your electronics requires just as much attention to detail as packing your delicate dishware. Although electronic devices are known to be relatively fragile, sometimes homeowners, when packing their home themselves, toss these items into boxes without taking the care they need to help them arrive safely. Often these boxes aren’t marked “fragile” either — unlike the boxes containing knickknacks and dishes.

Rather than suffer the expense of replacing desktops, laptops, gaming consoles, and other devices, take these steps to pack and transport electronics successfully.

1. Backup Your Data, Documents, and Images

Although a broken electronic device can be pricey to replace, the items stored inside them can be priceless. If you are writing the great American novel or have treasured personal photos stored on a device, you may never retrieve them if something goes awry. That’s why it’s crucial to backup up everything before packing to move.

2: Gather Appropriate Packaging Materials

Take an inventory of the electronic devices you plan to transport. If you happen to have the original box and packaging still, it’s worth reusing it. If not, measure them carefully and secure a separate box for each that is slightly larger than the device. Gather strong packaging tape, large zip-lock bags, and bubble wrap. The bubble wrap won’t create static electricity that can harm devices. Consider employing blankets or towels to add additional cushioning around the devices to further insulate them from hard impacts and scratching.

3: Remove Device Batteries for Safety

This is an essential step that could prevent a great deal of damage. When batteries like lithium-ion batteries get too hot, they can burst or catch on fire. Other batteries can corrode and wreck electronic components. Package the batteries separately and research ways to transport them safely yourself.

4: Disassemble and Organize

Remember to remove discs, critical drives, toner, paper, and other items from the equipment. Unplug them from electrical outlets and then the backs of the devices. Next, wind the wires that go to each device separately. Consider using an elastic band to keep them from becoming loose during transport. And remember to label each one to avoid rewiring confusion later.

5: Pack Your Electronics Carefully

Completely insulate the device in bubble wrap, then tape it firmly in each direction. Put the corresponding wires in a zip-lock bag and close it. Place a moving blanket on the open end of the box and place the device over it, pressing it neatly into position. Put the zip-lock bag inside and wrap the cloth material over the top. Use the strong packaging tape to seal the box tightly. Take a permanent marker and write “Fragile Electronics” on the box in bold letters.

6: Organize Your Electronic Devices Separately

It’s generally helpful to group your fragile items separately for professional movers. This allows them to work more efficiently because they won’t be second-guessing boxes after they are on the moving truck. Putting fragile items and delicate electronics aside also helps avoid heavy items getting placed on top of them.

Moving Ready

By employing these and other electronic device-specific strategies, you can enjoy a successful moving day and not have to replace them.

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