December 14, 2018

6 Secrets Your Professional Mover Wishes They Could Tell You

The average American will move more than 11 times in their lifetime. With all that moving going on, tapping into the help of a professional mover will save you headaches and stress.

Once you’ve established a moving date and signed your moving contract, there are a few more things that professional movers want you to know.

Let’s get going!

1. Finish Packing Before Movers Arrive

If you have not completed your packing before moving day, your movers are going to be waiting around for you to finish that task after they arrive.

The delay of packing up after the movers get there cost you time and money. Make sure you follow a timeline to keep you on track so that your packing is complete the day before the scheduled move.

2. Keep Your Valuables Safe

Make arrangements in advance with your moving planner to handle the transport of specialty items like antiques, wine collections, or other high-value property as extra care and protection are essential.

Other valuables like important documents, jewelry, keepsakes, photos, and family heirlooms should be packed separately, labeled appropriately, and stay with you during the move.

Having those boxes of valuables packed in your car and out of the way before the movers arrive is an added plus.

3. FRAGILE Labels Go a Long Way

When packed up, your favorite vase or light fixture is going to look just like your box of clothing, if it’s not properly labeled.

If something is particularly fragile, it’s essential to communicate this with your movers. Be sure to write the contents of the box and the word “FRAGILE” on all sides of the box, so the movers know to take extra care.

4. Be Available in Case You’re Needed

It is helpful to the movers if you remain available and accessible during moving day, but try to stay clear to allow the movers to do their job.

Let your movers know that you’re able to help or advise as necessary. Otherwise, let them take care of the rest!

5. Secure Pets and Kids

The movers with be working quickly and deliberately on moving day. They will be moving heavy items and opening and closing doors throughout the day. For everyone’s safety, it is best to keep pets and children clear from the movers.

If possible, arrange to have family or neighbors take your kids and pets on moving day so that the movers can have an unobstructed, clear path and access to all rooms. Arranging a sitter on moving day will provide peace of mind and a safe environment for your children, pets, and the movers.

6. Consider Giving a Gratuity

If you are pleased with the service your movers have provided, consider giving them a gratuity. Check online to see what the appropriate gratuity is in your area. While providing a gratuity is not required, service industry workers welcome a customary tip.

Take the Stress out of Moving

Hiring a professional mover can seriously reduce the stress of your move. After reading this list, you’ll know what to expect and how you can assist in making the move go smoothly.

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