April 5, 2021

6 Questions to Ask Movers You’re Considering Hiring

When you’re moving, it feels like there are a million things to do. Hiring a reliable moving company can alleviate the stress and help you manage the details. Here are six fundamental questions you should ask the moving companies you’re considering hiring.

1. Can you give me a cost estimate?

Before signing a contract, ask the company how they determine the price. Movers often calculate local moves by the hour and long-distance moves by weight and distance. Reputable moving companies will provide a written estimate and give you a copy to review. You want to know upfront precisely what you’re paying for and that all charges are itemized in detail.

Look at the document carefully and ask for clarification for any charges you aren’t clear about. Inquire about any potential additional fees and surcharges for fuel, transportation, or bulky/unusual items – you don’t want to be surprised with extra costs you didn’t budget for in your planning. Finally, ask if the estimate is binding.

2. Does your company hire subcontractors?

Sometimes companies subcontract to smaller companies to help facilitate moves. Ask if they subcontract, and if they do, find out which companies they hire. This way, you can research those companies that will be handling your actual move. If the moving company declines to give you a list of companies they partner with, this is a red flag because they should be willing to share information with potential customers.

3. What services do you offer?

Moving involves a lot more than just transport! If you need additional help with your move, find out what services the company offers. Many full-service movers will also provide packing, labeling, custom crating, furniture disassembly/reassembly, vehicle shipping, and shipping specialty items for additional fees. Taking advantage of these extras can make for a hassle-free move. If you need storage on either end of the relocation, ask if the company offers a storage service; this is helpful because movers can make sure your possessions arrive safely and are secured.

4. What is your registration number?

Moving companies are regulated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) if they travel interstate. When companies register, they are given two identification numbers, their U.S. DOT number, and an MC number. Once you have the numbers, you can check out the company in the FMCSA’s database and verify its status. Keep in mind; individual states will regulate local moves. Check with your state’s governing department to learn additional information.

5. Do you offer guaranteed delivery dates?

Many companies, especially for long-distance moves, will consolidate several customer moves to one region. If you need your belongings by a specific date, you’ll want to hire a company that can accommodate you. If it’s not in writing, you may not receive your possessions the day you expect them to arrive. Additionally, to keep track of your delivery, ask if they offer shipment tracking.

6. Do you have any referrals you can share?

Like any other business, it’s comforting to know other people have had success with their moves. Reliable companies take pride in any recommendations they’ve received and usually are more than happy to share.

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