December 26, 2022

5 Ways to Protect Your Boxes Before You Move

If you’re like most people, you’ll spend a couple of months packing boxes before you move. You’ll want to keep those boxes in good condition.

When you start staging boxes in the basement or guest bedroom, you may not notice what’s happening around them. Unfortunately, this is an ideal time to pick up a pest problem or water damage.

With these five tips, you’ll know how to protect your boxes. That way, they will be ready to go when the movers arrive.

1. Start With Clean Boxes

If you still have a few boxes that you never unpacked from your last move, you’re not alone. But it’s best to start with clean boxes.

Old boxes wear down over time, so they’re easier to break. They might also hide pests, mold, or other problems inside.

It’s all right to transfer the contents of old boxes into new ones. And, if you’re reusing boxes from someone you know, ensure they’re clean and in good condition before you start.

2. Use a Tarp

Once you start accumulating a significant number of boxes, you’ve got to figure out how to store them. A tarp can help you keep them dry and free of pests.

Basements and garages can be damp or leaky spaces, particularly if they are unfinished and you have bare concrete floors. If you’re storing boxes here, lay down a tarp.

Tarps can also be helpful to place on top if you’re storing the boxes in a shed or storage unit. Make sure that any dripping water runs off to a place away from the boxes.

3. Check for Pests

Nobody wants to bring pests to a new home. As you pack your things, pay attention to signs of pests. You should look for bits of paper, pest droppings, wings, or dead insects.

If you spot any common signs, it’s essential to address the infestation first. You may not know the extent of it, and you definitely don’t want to put boxes in the same space.

If you see evidence of damage to your boxes from pests, plan to re-pack them in a clean box. You may need to stage your boxes in a different location.

4. Avoid Large Stacks

If you’re trying to stage boxes inside your home, you should take care when you organize them. Large stacks can be dangerous and more likely to fall over.

Put the heaviest boxes on the bottom, paying attention to their contents. Avoid creating a stack taller than you because it will be more challenging to re-organize if needed.

5. Label Contents

Keeping your moving boxes intact has the primary goal of protecting the contents. The way that you do this depends on the contents.

Boxes full of lightweight but bulky items may not look any different than a box full of heavier things. You may only notice the difference when you pick them up.

Label the boxes according to their contents, with a special note for fragile or heavy items. You’ll be less likely to crush a box if you know what’s in it.

Getting to moving day involves taking care of your boxes as you pack. Contact us for a quote today for more advice on how to have a seamless move.



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