October 27, 2022

5 Ways to Entertain Your Pets on Moving Day

If you’re like many people, you have pets that you will bring to your new home. The trick is to occupy them during your household move.

Pets can tell that something is changing, and their behaviors might change as a result. Therefore, you need to protect them.

Here are five ways to ensure they are safe and out of the way during your move.

1. Ask a Friend for Help

As the movers are loading your items, you probably won’t pay as much attention to your pet as you usually would. So it’s an excellent opportunity to ask for help.

If you have a friend familiar with your pet, you might ask them to take your pet for the day. They can attend to your pet’s needs and give them extra attention.

Getting your pet out of the house is important for pets with complex needs or high anxiety. They’ll do better in a calmer environment.

2. Create a Pet-Safe Space

If you don’t have the option of getting your pet out of the house for moving day, you need to make a safe space for them in your home. Preferably, you can set aside one room of your home for your pet. But, first, have that room packed up and the boxes moved out. 

Then, if your pet has a crate or a specific bed they like to use, make this the central part of the space. That way, your pet can rest and relax with security.

If possible, avoid isolating your pet in a room for several hours. Instead, have members of your family take turns spending time with them.

3. Get New Toys

Pets love the comfort of the familiar. They also like positive stimulation, mental or physical.

In the days leading up to the move, introduce a handful of new toys for your pet. Then, give them a chance to explore and entertain themselves.

Make your pet’s space comfortable on moving day, and include old and new toys. The balance might help your pets avoid boredom.

4. Hire a Pet Sitter

 Hiring a pet sitter might be a good alternative if you must keep your pet close to home on moving day. A pet sitter can provide that individual attention, allowing you to focus on the move.

Be sure to vet the pet sitter before moving day to minimize stress and confusion. It’s better if you try out their services at least once beforehand.

Set a specific schedule with your pet’s routine on the list. The sitter can make sure everything happens according to plan.

5. Consider Temporary Lodging Options

Even if you have never considered pet lodging, researching your options is a good idea. You may need to find a place for your pet on moving day, even if it’s just for a few hours.

Pet boarding services vary depending on the business. Therefore, you’ll want to research them in advance. Try to do this at least a few weeks before you move.

Visit the location, and ask to see all the pet areas. Ask friends and family members for recommendations, as well.

Moving Assistance

Taking care of your pets is an important part of the moving process. With these tips, you’ll have an easier time. Contact us for more information about scheduling your upcoming move.



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