June 29, 2019

5 Truly Unmissable Things to Do in St. Paul, Minnesota

Whether you move to a new place to get a fresh start, find a better job or because you are supporting a partner, it always helps to make a new friend. And the best friend you can start by making is your new hometown.

If you are thinking about making St. Paul, Minnesota, your new hometown, you might be surprised at all it has to offer, including more shoreline on the Mississippi than any other city in America.

Here are five truly unmissable things to do in St. Paul, MN.

Feed a Giraffe

There is nothing like coming face to face with a beautiful creature like a giraffe. Especially a face that can reach heights of 18 feet.

Como Park Zoo has an incredible Giraffe Feeding Station.

In addition to handing snacks over to this graceful giant’s sandpapery tongue, the Como Park Zoo is a free zoo with many animals to visit.

With big cats,  monkeys, gorillas, and bison in natural habitats, you can easily spend an entire day wandering the grounds. But if you still have a little energy at the end of your visit, you can pop over to Como Town next door and ride a roller coaster or zip line and see the world from the heights of the giraffe you met earlier.

Create Your Own Tornado

The experiment gallery at the Science Museum of Minnesota is an extraordinary place to visit with kids of all ages.

In addition to creating your own tornado out of water mist, you can control the power of waves hitting the beach.

From walking under dinosaurs to boarding a Mississippi River tugboat, this museum is one of the coolest St. Paul attractions to visit.

Travel Back in Time

At one point in the 19th century, St. Paul’s Fort Snelling was the northernmost outpost in the United States.

If you have just moved to the twin cities, it is always good to know some historical facts about your new surroundings.

This restored limestone fort will give you a better idea of what life was like for soldiers and civilians alike.  In addition to historic maps, photos, and documents, you can step inside old barracks and even a hospital.

Underground Things to do in St. Paul

Not far from downtown St. Paul is the former home of a mushroom farm, Prohibition-era speakeasy, and 70’s disco.

Believe it or not, these all found their home in the same location.

The Wabasha Street Caves have always been an attractive place to visit, drink, and dance.

Even the indigenous people living in the area used the caverns in their everyday life.

Today, you can tour the caves a few days a week and discover why visiting this landmark has been one of the most exciting things to do in St. Paul, MN since before St. Paul even had a name.

The Great Gatsby

While literary giant F. Scott Fitzgerald often wrote about wealthy New Yorkers and Europeans, he was a Midwesterner at heart.

You can visit his birthplace and his later home where he wrote his first novel and fell in love with his muse, Zelda.

Only after returning to St. Paul and moving back in with his parents was Fitzgerald able to find success as an author.

Proof that there is definitely magic in this city!

The Most Livable City in America

Whether you are just moving to St. Paul, MN, new to the twin cities, or have lived here all your life; there are so many fun things to do here.

If you are relocating to the St. Paul/Minneapolis area, make sure that you have time to explore by having experts take the stress off your shoulders.

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