September 26, 2022

5 Tips When Planning a Winter Move

Statistics indicate that most people move in the spring, with June being one of the busiest months. Spring and summer moves are popular because of the milder weather and because the busy school year is ending.

However, winter moves can be advantageous for many reasons; sometimes, you can’t avoid them. Roughly 75% of U.S. states will experience winter snow, sleet, or ice. So, If you’re planning a winter move, you’ll need to plan for bad weather proactively. The following tips can help you to experience a safe and more manageable winter move.

1. Plan a Morning Move

In the winter months, daylight is at a premium. Planning a morning move is easier, so you’ve completed the heavy lifting before it gets dark. Nighttime relocations are risky since there is an increased possibility of trips, slips, and falls, especially if ice is present. If some of your relocating occurs during darkness, be sure the home, driveway, and walkways are well-lit, shoveled, and salted.

2. Track Weather Forecasts

As your moving day approaches, watch the weather forecast carefully. If forecasters expect significant snow or ice, contact your mover to ask how things will proceed or to schedule an alternative moving day. Movers want everyone to be safe, so they’ll likely have a 

  1. Arrange for Driveways to Be Clear

On moving day, clear the driveway and walkways of snow and ice if bad weather occurs. Be sure to sand or salt these areas. To reduce stress and save time,hire a professional to do it for you since you might have already packed your equipment for the move. Clearing surfaces of slippery conditions helps keep both you and your movers safe.

4. Protect Your Home’s Interior Areas

In the winter months, it’s impossible to avoid tracking mud, water, salt, and other debris inside. Before you move items in or out of your home, lay down a tarp or pieces of cardboard to protect the floors, especially in areas that have hardwood or carpeted surfaces. Keep a small cleaning kit available for quick clean-up jobs.

5. Ensure New Utilities are On

Before moving, double-check to ensure all utilities, including electricity, water, and internet, are turned on and working. If you don’t have access, ask your realtor or property manager to check into it for you. The last thing you want in the cold season is to arrive at a home with no heat or lighting.

Moving Made Easy

Winter moves have their challenges, but working with a professional moving expert can eliminate the hazards and difficulties. With the experience needed to keep people and possessions safe, connecting with a knowledgeable mover can make your moving day go off without a hitch. To obtain a free quote, contact us today.



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