May 20, 2022

5 Tips When Announcing a Business Relocation

Are you relocating your business soon? If so, it’s essential to make sure everyone gets the message. If you handle your relocation right, it can be a positive change for you, staff, and customers.

If you don’t take an organized approach, your business relocation could become a problem! But, don’t let your relocation be the cause of customer or employee frustration. Here’s what you can do to communicate properly about your upcoming move.

1. Announce to Staff First

Announce your upcoming relocation to your staff before telling members of the public or your clients. Make sure that every person on your team knows the details, including the when, why, and where of your relocation.

Your staff will likely get many questions from customers when you announce the relocation to the public, so getting your team up to date will help prepare them to answer those questions.

When you communicate the transition to your staff, break the news diplomatically. Some staff members may be excited, while others may not be. Provide them with justifications for the upcoming move.

If you think the relocation might be unpopular, strategize with managers or partners in your business to get the word out to invoke a positive response.

2. Start Early

It takes a while to notify everyone about your upcoming relocation – especially if your business is open to the public and likely to get walk-ins. You’ll want to make sure that your relocation appears on message boards, your company website, reviews of your company, and more. Getting an early start can help assure that you have time to alert relevant parties to the changes happening in your business.

3. Use All Channels Available To You

Make a list of all the possible venues and media that you can use to tell customers or clients about your relocation. Maybe the local paper will run an article about your move, or the local news channel will say something about your relocation.

Find all the places on the web that mention your business, and then use these channels for advertising the upcoming changes. Next, make a list of potential sources for promoting your relocation.

4. Tell Customers Why

If you have an advantage in your new location, tell your customers. For example, maybe the parking lot is more extensive, the facilities are more contemporary, and you can offer new services. Tell your customers about these benefits.

5. Make It Clear You Moved

You don’t want your customers to think you closed your business! Leave a big sign on your old facility to show that you’re not closed but have just relocated. Work with your old landlord to keep the redirection signs up for as long as possible.

Contact Movers That Handle Commercial Relocations

Work with a moving company prepared to handle commercial relocations. Working with the professionals makes it easier for you to focus on other important issues like managing the change that will affect your employees and clients. For more information about your upcoming commercial relocation, contact us.


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