March 19, 2021

5 Things to Consider When You’re Ready to Move Your Family

Real estate agents live by the mantra, “location, location, location.” That same phrase may be equally appropriate for families considering a new home in another town, county, or state. Choosing the right fit for you and your loved ones involves wide-reaching factors. 

When working families don’t consider all of the facets of moving, they may regret not conducting further research. These are essential things to explore that can help family members vet a community and soak in the benefits of moving to a new community.

1. Home Values and Market Considerations

Families who see their next move as a stepping stone usually look at home buying as an investment. They review the resale data about the property and the value trajectory over decades. Weigh that information against property value trends in the area, and they have an idea about return on investment.

On the other hand, families who plan to retire or establish a permanent family home may not necessarily desire significant value increases. When property values increase, taxes also tend to spike. Ask yourself what your long-term relocation plan involves and measure that against your family’s financial goals.

2. How Do the Schools Rate?

There are plenty of online platforms that provide a numerical rating about public and private schools. The metrics generally include the number of students, proficiencies, graduation rates, and the percentage who attend college. These may be good starting points. But don’t hesitate to contact organizations such as the PTA and others involved in local education. If you have narrowed your “location” down to a few communities, request a consultation with school principals. You may learn subtle differences that crunching numbers cannot explain.

3. Is There Convenient Access to Preferred Products

In 2020, people from urban landscapes moved out to the suburbs and rural areas at an increased rate. This trend was particularly profound among major cities. 

If you desire the laidback lifestyle of a quaint community, spend a few days there before moving. Rural areas tend to be peaceful because there are fewer people, and that means less chain business. If you’re hooked on having a specialty latte every morning before work, small towns might not provide the caffeine jolt you enjoy. 

The same may hold true of big-box retail outlets. Things tend to be spread out in suburbs and rural communities. The drive time may not fit your convenience meter.

4. Select the Ideal Culture and Lifestyle for Your Family

Moving to another state can result in more than a little culture shock. It’s essential to take a long look at the options that a new city or town offers.

Family leaders may want to take a step back and give every family member a voice about their lifestyle needs. These could range from sitting on a beach to mountain climbing to live music venues to fine dining. These are the seemingly little things that buoy the quality of life. Make sure there are enough cultural options for everyone to be happy.

5. Work With a Top Moving Company

Moving day should be a seamless and positive experience the entire family will remember. That’s why it’s crucial to enlist the help of considerate, professional movers who understand your family is immersed in a significant life change. 

Carefully packed personal items and boxes marked and delivered to each member’s room help minimize anxiety. A top-rated moving team also gives parents and children time to soak it all in and go for ice cream or pizza instead of doing the heavy lifting.

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