August 14, 2023

5 Things to Consider When Choosing New Office Space

Finding the right office location is vital for your business relocation. The right area should be where your staff feels comfortable working and commuting, with amenities that make coming to work a pleasant experience. There’s a lot to consider when trying to choose a new location.

  • How will it affect your worker’s commute? 
  • How far are your employees willing to commute?
  • Is the location affordable for your business? 
  • Should your company choose an open layout or a traditional office space? 

You should answer all of these questions, and more, during the official selection process. 

Here’s what you should know when choosing new office space for your company.

1. Location and Ease of Access

Location and ease of access are essential, especially if your business wants to retain most or all of your employees after the move. Many factors come into consideration when choosing location and ease of access, including:

  • Is there sufficient parking for everyone who works in your office?
  • The location —relative to employees. How far will your employees have to commute to reach the office?
  • Routes to the new office. What is the drive like? Can the office be reached via easy-to-drive roads?

2. Affordability

Budget carefully before signing a multi-year lease on commercial office space. Consider revenue trends as they exist, and forecast future revenue before deciding whether you can afford the commercial office space you’re considering. Shop around to find the most competitive prices.

3. Long-Term Space Considerations

If your business is growing, or if you anticipate that your business will grow in the coming years, ask yourself how much space your business needs and ensure that the area you choose has room for growth. Remember that your company can use flexible seating arrangements in an open office layout to add workstations for future employees.

Even if you anticipate that your business will not grow any time soon, keep in mind that unexpected changes can lead to additional hiring. Choose an office space with enough room for your business to add new workers, or choose a building where you can lease extra space if needed.

4. Open Layout or Traditional Office Space

An open office layout is where workers spend their time in an ample, open space. Workers may have their own desks or share desk space with others. An open office layout is a flexible layout that you can rearrange to create meeting spaces, waiting areas, and more. Collaboration is easy in an open office layout.

Traditional office spaces tend to sequester workers in their own separate office spaces. These spaces allow for easy privacy but far less collaboration. Decide which type of office space works for your business model.

5. Condition of Building

When you arrive at a potential office space you’d like to lease, consider the condition of the building before making a final decision. Is the carpet clean? Are the bathrooms well maintained? Is the parking lot in good condition and well-lit at night? Consider the answers to these questions before deciding to accept a lease.

Choose the Right Movers for the Job

When it’s time for your business to relocate, choosing the right movers for the job is essential. Look for a professional moving company with a good reputation in your community.  We have the tools and expertise to get your operations up and running quickly, no matter how large or complex. Contact us today for a quote.


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