May 3, 2018

5 Things to Add to Your Packing List For Moving Day

Did you know studies show that moving can be more stressful than divorce? It’s true: a majority of adults surveyed ranked the stress of moving above both relationship breakdowns and starting a new job.

But, with the right planning, moving day doesn’t have to be stressful.

Most people who are moving remember to make a packing list of all the items they need to take with them. But many people forget to consider the items they will need the day of moving to make the process go more smoothly.

Let’s take a look at five items that you’ll want to have with you when you move.

1. Moving Notebook

People tend to overestimate how many details they will be able to remember. In fact, studies show that a human’s short-term memory can only retain about 5 to 9 pieces of information at a time.

To make sure you keep track of everything on moving day, you will want to have a notebook that details all of the items you are moving. Keep a list of all of the big things you are moving, as well as a detailed record of all the boxes. Many movers like to number their boxes so they can keep track of them.

This way, when you start wondering whether all of your items made it to the new place, you will have a resource to reference.

2. Snacks and Drinks

This is especially important if you are recruiting friends to help you move. While pizza and beer are standard for post-move relaxation, don’t forget that folks will get hungry during the move.

If you’re moving in the morning, pick up some coffee and donuts for the crew. Also, be sure to keep plenty of water on hand for when people break a sweat moving your heavy couch.

3. Extra Boxes, Tape, Scissors, and Markers

No matter how carefully you pack your boxes ahead of the move, there will be last-minute packing that needs to happen on the day of the move. Grab extra boxes for items you forgot to pack up, or in case one of your boxes rips. Duct tape will also come in handy if some of your seals come undone.

4. Rope and Bungee Cords

During transit, you want to make sure that items move around as little as possible. By using rope or bungee cords, you can bind objects together to keep them in place. Rope and bungee cords can also be helpful for holding up awkward items like bicycles, headboards, or bookcases that may fall over.

5. Cushioning Materials

Of course, even with cords, items will likely move around. Making sure you wrap your fragile items with cushioning materials will prevent them from being damaged. Pillows, moving blankets, and bubble wrap can all work well for these purposes.

Get Your Packing List Together Today

With these items on your packing list, you will be ready to take on moving day with success!

Bonus Tip: To make your unpacking a little less hectic, pack a set of clean sheets and bedding in the dresser of each bedroom, then you’re not standing on your head looking for the cartons that contain bedding when all you want to do is make up the beds.

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