November 28, 2022

5 Packing Mistakes to Avoid When Moving Your Residence

When you start to pack for a residential move, it’s easy to assume that you can load a box however you like. But, some packing approaches simply don’t work well.

Packing with the wrong materials can damage your things. Packing the wrong way can make the problem worse.

Here are five mistakes to avoid when you start packing your stuff.

1. Using Worn Boxes

Buying all new moving boxes can add up. It might be tempting to reuse whatever you can. In some cases, that’s a bad idea.

Reusing a box that’s in good condition may save time and money, but you need to make sure the boxes are still sturdy enough for your relocation. 

Avoid using cartons that are worn or damaged. For instance, don’t use boxes that show signs of being wet or have broken corners. Cartons in this condition might be weak and not have their original sturdy integrity.

2. Insufficient Labeling

Once you finish packing a box, it’s tempting to tape it and move on. But, you need to label it properly first.

Inadequate labeling makes it harder for you to tell where the box should go at your new home. It can also make it impossible to tell what’s inside it.

Buy a pack of inexpensive labels and a dark marker. Write the room and the general contents on the label. With a little effort, unpacking will take a lot less time.

3. Wrapping Items in Newspaper

If you have delicate items to pack, you need a way to wrap them. Bubble wrap or packing paper costs money, but it’s usually a better investment than old newspapers.

When you hold a newspaper, you may notice that the ink transfers to your hands. It will do the same thing to your delicate items.

This is true for advertisements you get in the mail, too. Recycling them is best to keep the ink from staining your belongings.

4. Overloading the Box

When you look at box prices, you might wonder why a small box isn’t half the price of a box that is twice as large. But don’t let your budget trick you into thinking that large boxes are better.

Overloading a box makes it harder to move and more likely to break open. You’re putting your stuff at risk, as well.

It’s better to pack a box with care. Plan to use small boxes most of the time. Add medium or large boxes for bulky stuff that doesn’t weigh as much.

5. Not Using Enough Tape

It’s a running gag in every sitcom with a moving episode. Unfortunately, someone fails to tape the box correctly, and the bottom falls out during loading.

You don’t need to cover the entire box with packing tape. But, you should make sure to cover all openings.

If you’re running low on tape, devote more to the bottom of the box. Or better yet, buy several rolls of tape, so you never run out.

Moving the Easier Way

Packing is easier when you have expert movers available to help. Contact us today to learn more about the options for your upcoming move!



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