February 13, 2023

5 Must-Have Time-Savers to Have Before Your Move

When you’re facing the monumental task of moving everything you own from one home to the next, time is a precious commodity. Unfortunately, something as simple as having to stop to take your dog to a safe location or forgetting to leave your cleaning essentials unpacked can easily put you behind schedule. So, remember these five must-have time-savers before your household moving date arrives to keep your efforts on a smooth timeline.

1. A Detailed Moving Schedule and Plan

A moving plan and schedule help keep you on task during the move. Create a good, preliminary plan that has a rudimentary schedule or timeline to go by. This plan should include things like:

  • A general budget or list of anticipated costs associated with the move
  • A day-by-day or week-by-week list of things that need to be done by a specific date
  • Minor repairs or renovations that have to be accomplished before you move
  • Contact information for utility companies, as well as when you should notify them
  • Packing supplies you will need to get everything safely packed

2. Apps to Keep You On-Task and On-Schedule

FurnishedQuarters offers an excellent list of apps to use when you are facing a move to make the transition as seamless as possible. A few good ones to consider include

  • Magicplan to help with arranging furniture in the new space
  • Sortly to help you sort your belongings before you pack
  • Google Keep to make simple tasks and to-do lists

3. A Pet-Sitter

Most homes these days do have a pet, but pets can be a significant responsibility to handle during a move. With doors frequently opening and closing, a house pet could escape. With strangers in the house to help with the move, anxious pets can be alarmed. Simply securing a pet sitter before the major moving days can prevent problems with your pets that could take up much of your time.

4. A Cleaning Essentials Caddy

Cleaning after you get most of your items packed and out of the way is simply part of the process during most residential moves. However, discovering that you don’t have everything you need because you have packed or moved it to the new house can be a stumbling block in your plans. To make sure this does not happen, designate a box or pick up a cleaning caddy and fill it with the essentials, such as:

  • Bottle of multi-surface spray cleaner
  • Cleaning rags or paper towels
  • Trash bags
  • Window cleaning wipes or spray
  • Broom and dustpan
  • Mop
  • Scrub brush

5. List to Cancel/Re-Order

From utilities and subscription items to subscribe-and-save shipments, you may have a list of things you must cancel before moving and reordering at the new address. As you plan, pencil in a list of services or subscriptions you need to terminate at the old address and order again once you get to the new address.

Save Time with the Help of Residential Movers

If you genuinely want to take some stress out of your move, be sure to reach out to residential movers with the skill and experience to make the transition smooth. Contact us to request a quote and get your moving plans in motion.



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