April 5, 2018

5 Moving Tips Every Business Should Know

You’ve been at the same office space for years, and while it’s helped you succeed thus far, you know it might be time to chase new and better horizons.

Signs it’s time to move into a new space:

  • You’ve used every square inch of your current building
  • There aren’t enough parking spaces for employees or customers
  • The lease is about to expire
  • A new location will provide an opportunity for growth

Here are some moving tips to help make your business’s transition hassle-free.

Planning and Organizing

The first step to a smooth moving process is an accurate timeline.

For a small office, you’ll need at least three months, and for a medium office, you’ll need around six to eight months to plan and move.

Having floor plans for both office buildings is a good idea so that you can compare the two side by side when planning the layout of the new building.

Hire contractors to paint and patch up the necessary fixtures such as light switches, fans, electrical outlets, etc.

Delegate team members to be in charge of every department of the building to help each area prepare for the move.

These team members should be in charge of emails and should be the point of contact, meeting regularly with each other and others to make sure communication is flowing openly through all departments.

Providing Moving Tips For Employees

Communication is going to be the key to a stress-free moving environment. Keep communication frequent and open.

Provide details, plans, and timelines for your employees that are clear and precise and easy to access. When they feel in the loop, they may also feel less stressed about changes.

Provide clear instructions for each employee on what their part of the move will entail, so no person is left questioning and stressed at the last minute.

Emailing moving tips and providing moving materials such as boxes and wrapping paper may be a caring gesture that shows employees you are thankful for their help and patience during a stressful time.

Finishing Touches

Once a location has been found, and the decision of leasing or buying made then it’s time to:

  • Send out a change of address cards
  • Notify banks
  • Change stationery
  • Change insurance information

Packing, Movers, and Valuation

When hiring a moving company, be sure to get several quotes before making your final decision.

Also, don’t forget to ask about valuation; you’ll want to make sure all of your important things are covered in case of any accidents.

If you are packing your boxes yourself, don’t forget to mark them so you’ll be able to find them quickly in the new building.

Moving computer monitors can be tricky. Protect your monitors with heavy, specialized blankets and never place them on top of other boxes or underneath heavy objects.

To protect your data, backup your information to a removable hard drive or use an online service.

Let Us Help You

We know that moving can feel daunting sometimes, but we’re here to help.

Check out our blog for more moving tips or contact us for information on how we can help you with your moving needs!


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