November 6, 2019

5 Essential Questions to Ask a Moving Company Before Making a Hire

There are over 7,000 moving companies throughout the USA. How do you know which one will suit you best? Take the time to do some research and learn about potential companies.

Here are some essential questions to ask a moving company during your selection process. 

1. Do You Cover the Areas Involved In My Move?

This question should be on the top of your list for movers, especially if you’re planning an out of state move. Moving companies must have a license to operate in both of the states involved in your move. 

Some locally-focussed movers may not be able to move you out of state. If you are unsure of any moving regulations, you can check with the FMCSA.

2. How Many Years Experience Do You Have?

You want to make sure that your moving company has enough experience to anticipate and deal with potential problems. The longer they’ve been in business, the better. 

You should also inquire if they have dealt with your particular type of move before. Can they handle moving you into a multi-story townhouse? Are they well-versed in the intricacies of moving to a high-rise apartment? Make sure they have expertise in your type of relocation.

3. What Protection Coverage Do You Provide?

Full Value Protection means your mover is liable for the replacement cost of your goods if anything happens to them in transit.

Released Value Protection is a less expensive option. This means that the mover only has liability for 60 cents per pound of anything that’s damaged during the move. 

It’s good to know about the protection offered for your own peace of mind. 

4. Are There Any Extra Costs?

Avoid moving day surprises. Find out how the movers calculate their estimates. Some charge by the hour, others work out their fees based on weight. Knowing these costs in advance can help you prepare accordingly.

Many moving companies issue non-binding estimates. 

This means that they’re entitled to increase their prices based on the circumstances. They could charge extra for time, negotiating stairs, and for fuel. 

If you are working on a tight budget, it’s best to insist on a binding estimate. 

5. Do You Offer a Packing Service?

Apart from the financial aspects, this is one of the most important questions to ask movers. It’s ideal to have movers pack for you.

You know they will pack everything expertly and have it ready on time. The extra cost of packing services may be worth it, especially when you consider the time and risk involved in doing the packing yourself. 

More Important Questions to Ask a Moving Company

These essential questions to ask your potential moving company may save you from unnecessary risk. Yet, there are other things you should inquire about for convenience’s sake. 

These include:

  • How do I contact the driver during the day of my move?
  • How long will the moving process take?
  • Who will do the unpacking?
  • Are there restrictions on what you can transport?

We’re happy to answer all your moving questions. Get in touch right away if you’re planning a move to or from the Minneapolis or St. Paul area.


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