December 16, 2021

4 Winter Home Buying Tips

Are you buying a home this winter? If so, it’s essential to develop an effective homebuying strategy. Winter is a time when fewer homes are available on the market. Therefore, it’s vital to check listings regularly, start packing as soon as you’ve decided to move and schedule a time to see properties when there’s daylight.

If you’re trying to buy a home this winter, these tips can help you get through the process. Here’s what you need to know.  

1. Look at the Listings Daily

The majority of homeowners who list their homes for sale do so in the spring or summer. By winter, home inventory is relatively low. So when a suitable home goes up for sale, you want to be one of the first home buyers looking at it! 

Look at the listings daily to stay on top of the newest homes to hit the market. Check with your real estate agent regularly to ensure that you won’t miss it when a suitable home becomes available. 

2. Start Packing Early

Start packing in the fall for a winter move. This makes the home buying process less stressful. Once you find a house that you like, you’ll be able to make your move quickly. To reduce the burden of packing, try packing just a little each day. This will give you time to look at the real estate listings. 

3. Schedule Time to See Properties During the Day

It gets dark early in winter. Seeing a property in the dark can be less informative than seeing it in the daylight. You might miss important details about the property in the dark, including the backyard and outside areas. If at all possible, make time to see properties that you’re serious about during the day. 

This may mean scheduling time during your workday. Keep your real estate professional on alert when you’re thinking about seeing a property and make sure they’re available.  

4. Coordinate with Movers

If you’re moving soon, then start shopping for the right moving company as soon as possible. Movers generally have more availability in winter than at other times of the year, but it’s still a good idea to have your movers in mind when you’re ready to schedule your moving day. When looking for a mover for your winter relocation, here’s what to look for: 

  • Good reputation in the community. Check your mover’s references to see if other customers have had good experiences with them!
  • Affordable pricing – but not too low. Quality service costs money. Look for a mover you can afford, but don’t shop for the cheapest mover. If a mover has mysteriously low prices, they could be cutting corners by hiring inexperienced labor.  
  • Flexibility and availability. Find a mover that is available this winter and will help you with your upcoming relocation. 

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Winter is a great time to relocate because movers tend to have more availability. It will be easier to schedule your mover now than it would be over the summer! Get started with your winter relocation. Call us today. 


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