November 16, 2021

4 Ways a Professional Moving Company Saves Your Small Business Money

While most small business owners establish their operation at a place where they anticipate they will be for some time, a move may be imminent at some point. While a transition can be necessary, the change can also mean considerable downtime and the high potential for added costs. Hiring a professional moving company can often offset the costs associated with moving your business. Here is a closer look at a few reasons that is the case. 

1. Transition as quickly as possible to get back to business.

To avoid lost revenue as much as possible during your small business move, you will need to get everything disassembled and transported as quickly as possible. The faster the transition, the fewer days there will be when you will not be open for business and not be taking in profits. In addition, with a good moving company to help you throughout the process, the entire move can take place more efficiently. Therefore, you can avoid missing out on as much revenue as possible. 

2. Avoid causing damage to your business belongings.

These business assets likely took a substantial investment to obtain, from shelving and fixtures to expensive office furniture and electronics. Therefore, they must be appropriately protected and handled during a relocation project, so you don’t end up with damaged equipment and face more costs for new pieces. Enlisting the help of professional movers who are skilled in the adequate transport and protection of these items lowers the chance that your belongings will be damaged. 

3. Negate costs associated with employee injuries.

Shoulder and back injuries caused by lifting are one of the biggest causes of missed time from work, 36 percent to be exact. If you do not enlist help for your small business move, this means you will likely have your employees doing a lot of the heavy lifting. Unfortunately, this will mean that your employees are at a heightened risk of sustaining an injury, which can cost your business a lot of money if they seek medical help and take time off of work. 

4. Prevent damage caused to the property by improperly moving heavy items.

The typical small business space can have many furniture pieces and fixtures, which can be incredibly cumbersome and difficult to maneuver. For example, a large display case may have shelves inside that weigh over six pounds apiece, making a case especially heavy if you have a lot of shelves inside. In addition, it can be easy to misstep and cause damage to the property in the process. Running into a door frame or glass storefront, for instance, could cause thousands of dollars worth of damage. 

Ready to Get Moving?

Although moving a small business is bound to come along with some costs, a little planning and professional movers for help can keep those costs in check. If you are ready to discuss the specifics of getting a moving company to your location for assistance, reach out to us to get a free quote today



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