June 11, 2021

4 Underused Services Moving Companies Offer That Allows Customers To Relax

After purchasing a new home, condo, or luxury apartment, people sometimes feel the weight of organizing, wrapping, and boxing every single item they own. Moving an entire household is like taking on another full-time job at a time when your life is in flux. But what many outside the moving profession may not realize is that reputable companies can handle a wide range of tasks.

Many of those services go underused because customers continue to focus on the loading, unloading, and transportation aspects. Full-service moving companies now allow ordinary people to kick back and relax while barely lifting a finger. If the idea of a stress-free move sounds appealing, consider the moving tasks professionals can handle for you.

1. Packing Everything in Your Home

A full-service company typically has an experienced team that focuses on packing. They usually bring all the wrapping paper, protective bubble wrap, boxes, and specialized materials necessary for secure packing. Their experience with fragile and delicate belongings allows them to handle and mark boxes for safe transportation strategically. Professional home packers communicate with heavy lifters and truck drivers to seamlessly navigate the process.

2. Automobile Transportation Services

Relocating to the other side of town may prompt people to ask a friend or relative to drive the second car or RV. But when moving hundreds of miles or out of state, that constitutes a big ask. And when people feel stuck, they sometimes hire strangers to handle the driving. One of the lesser-known services moving companies offer involves vehicle transportation.

Small and mid-sized vehicles may fit inside large moving trucks and be secured in place. Other scenarios involve bringing a specialized car hauler into the mix. And keep in mind that moving truck drivers generally have the license required for large RVs and other vehicles. Reputable companies come insured and could get a rider if you have out-of-the-ordinary vehicle transportation needs.

3. Temporary Storage Service Options

It’s not uncommon for people who are moving to get stuck between residences. For instance, your house sells quickly, and you’re waiting for the new home to be ready. Those types of delays leave families scrambling to store entire household belongings.

But the good news is that full-service movers help community members bridge the gap and not have to worry about their stuff. Some companies have onsite storage. Another perk that comes with having a moving company handle the logistics is saving you money by maximizing storage space efficiency. No one knows how to pack as neatly as a professional mover.

4. Transportation of Valuable Belongings and Assets

It may come as something of a surprise, but select moving organizations can transport high-value property safely and securely. These may include works of art, antiques, expensive clothing, and a wide range of others things. Full-service movers may designate a specific team to package, handle adequately, and securely transport valuable assets. You’ll usually need to advise your mover in writing that you want to include high-value items in your shipment. You will likely need to complete a High-Value Inventory Form and have your items appraised ahead of the move.

Professional Movers Make It Easier

Today’s full-service moving companies take on far more responsibility than many realize. That means you don’t have to stress about your move. If you’re planning a move and are considering delegating various tasks,  contact us about a budget-friendly quote for services that can improve your moving experience.


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