January 11, 2018

4 Steps For Getting Ready For a Move

Overwhelming, stressful and scary. No, we’re not discussing rock climbing.

This is about getting ready for a move.

If you have never moved before, or it’s been so long since you have, you’re likely wondering what the process is.

If you need a reminder, here are four steps that are essential to every move in getting to your new home.

Go Through Everything

This sounds obvious, but many people forget about this step. Go through everything in your home and decide what is coming with and what you no longer need.

Think about how much space you’ll have in your new home, your needs, and what no longer benefits you. Items to consider getting rid of include:

  • Clothing that no longer fits or is right for your new location
  • Items you don’t have space for any more or no longer use
  • Old furniture if you are getting replacement furniture

Even if you are moving with kids, and they are worried about these changes, you can simplify the process.

It’s important to go through the things you don’t need. You save time and valuable space by not packing them.

Read on to discover two of the best ways to get rid of items.

Donate or Have a Garage Sale

When getting ready for a move, you’ll come across things you no longer need. Once you’ve accumulated enough, it’s time to bless someone else with them.

Either have a garage sale or donate to charity.

Garage sales come with benefits. These include saving the environment by not dumping things in a landfill.

You make it affordable for someone to get items they need that would otherwise be expensive in a store. It’s also a helpful way to earn money for your move.

Even if you’re not moving far away, making a little money to put in a small backup fund is a nice bonus for most folks.

If donating is more your style, there are benefits here, too. You can write off items as a tax-deductible donation.

You have the satisfaction of making it easy for a family in need to get items that are on their list.

Plan Out What is Needed When Getting Ready for a Move

Planning a move means putting out many fires at one time. You are likely busy trying to ensure there are enough boxes for everything you’re trying to pack.

Don’t get slipped up and forget other important items such as:

  • Arranging for utilities at the new home
  • Canceling old utilities
  • Picking up change of address forms

Take time to sit down and write down each task you must do. Making a list leaves no stone unturned.

If you need additional help, here is a handy checklist.

Get a Label System Sorted

Although seen as tedious by some, labeling items is important. It helps you figure out what boxes need to stay with you in the car that must get unpacked right away.

For boxes on the moving truck, it helps to identify what belongs in a specific area of the house. Labeling boxes means you don’t have to worry about bathroom items getting placed in the kitchen.

A label system and plan saves you time while getting your house unpacked.

Wrap Up

Follow this checklist, and you should be all ready for your big move.

But, even though using this checklist can help take some stress out of the situation, it’s still a good idea to enlist some help.

Contact us for help with all your moving needs. We know getting ready for a move is never easy, and we want to help.


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